‘Castle’ Bosses Defend ‘Bold’ Twist

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Castle bosses defend “bold” twist

“We’re using this to actually put the spark back in,” says Alexi Hawley, “and the stakes back in, which give us the fun and the juice… Obviously there’s some heartbreak in it as well, but it makes it much more emotionally impactful every week, because there are stakes now.”

Nicki Minaj is set to appear on an ABC Family comedy based on her life

The hip-hop artist will also executive produce the untitled comedy series revolving around Minaj’s Queens childhood growing up in a family that immigrated from Trinidad.

Trevor Noah’s Daily Show debut begs the question: What were we so afraid of?

After all the talk about the transition, nothing much changed except the host. “Monday’s Daily Show arrived looking more or less (and reassuringly) like itself,” says Hank Stuever. “Same theme song, same desk arrangement; some light housekeeping, such as sprucing up of fonts and colors that make the show look a tad more Indecision 2016 instead of Indecision 2004. The host is a little spiffier too; as he grows more comfortable, he might even learn to laugh less at his own jokes. Then again, that habit — which Noah shares with a few late-night hosts — can also be endearing.” PLUS: Noah handled the show too carefully when he really should be grabbing it and making it his own, Noah was cool and aloof in a Johnny Carson vein, saying “BS” and “sh*t” without bleeping seemed like forced edginess, Noah is more the charming and wide-eyed new kid (with a killer wink) than the jaded but bitingly hilarious host Stewart was, Noah needs to give his audience less of what it wants, Noah lacks Jon Stewart’s edge, new correspondent Roy Wood Jr. was the breakout star, and Noah brought likeability and charm — but does that count for much in our snark-infested social media culture?

Blindspot retains 84% of its Week 1 viewership

Meanwhile, the struggling Minority Report retained 82% of its small debut audience.

Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon enter couples therapy after Damon dresses as Dr. Phil

Watch Matt Damon’s latest attempt to not be an official Jimmy Kimmel Live guest.

Dancing eliminates Kim Zolciak

For failing to perform because of her mini stroke, Dancing with the Stars had to eliminate the Real Housewives of Atlanta star. PLUS: Dancing pays tribute to Breaking Bad and other TV shows.

To learn who he really is, Stephen Colbert took the Myers-Briggs personality test

Colbert already learned last night what kind of talk show host he is — a “Kimmel.”

Watch Tina Fey fail at Billy on the Street

She couldn’t compete in a game of “LaTina Fey.”

Dr. Ken books Will Yun Lee

The Strikeback star will play a handsome doctor who once dated Ken Jeong’s wife.

’s Pete Davidson keeps getting confused for Mr. Robot

People think Davidson is Rami Malek.

Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce gets a Season 2 premiere date

The Bravo series returns Dec. 1.

Zabryna Guevara is headed to The Get Down

She’ll play Giancarlo Esposito’s wife on Baz Luhrmann’s Netflix drama.