How to Watch ‘Will & Grace’ Reruns Before the Series Returns

Eric McCormack, Debra Messing - Will & Grace
Chris Haston/NBC
Eric McCormack and Debra Messing in Will & Grace

There are just a few weeks to go until the triumphant return of groundbreaking early aughts sitcom Will & Grace. Between now and the revival’s September 28 premiere is the perfect time to revisit the show’s first eight seasons

But see that photo up there? See how Will and Grace are huddled around the comforting glow of Will’s MacBook, probably streaming a really funny old-school multi-camera sitcom? Something with a laugh track that they haven’t seen in years but remember fondly? Doesn’t that seem nice and cozy and exactly how you want to relive Will & Grace before it reemerges in the Prestige TV era?

Well, too bad! Unless you resort to some shady measures, streaming the show’s original run simply isn’t an option.

Currently, none of the major streaming services offer the show. Not Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix. The original run doesn’t even seem to be available via the NBC app!

(On Sept. 20, the previous two sentences were made obsolete when Hulu announced that it will stream the entire original library of Will & Grace. See the link above for details.)

Fortunately, reruns of Will & Grace have aired in syndication on various stations pretty much since the series ended in 2006. These days you can catch old episodes on WeTV, which began airing the show last month.

WeTV has been airing “Best Of” episodes from the original series over the past few Saturdays, and this Saturday, Sept. 16, will be its last “Best Of” marathon broadcast ahead of the reboot. The September 16 original Will & Grace marathon, which boasts a “Best Guest Stars” theme, airs on WeTV from 10am/9c until 5/4c. It spotlights episodes featuring the show’s most notable and memorable guest stars, including Neil Patrick Harris, Matt Damon, Madonna, Janet Jackson and more.

But there are options for cord-cutters as well. Seasons 1–4 are available for purchase digitally on iTunes and Amazon (where you can also buy eight seasons on DVD). You can also rent the DVDs from Netflix—but, like, who still does that? Who even still has a DVD player?

Will & Grace, Premieres Sept. 28, 9/8c, NBC