Yes, Rob Lowe and Fred Savage Know ‘The Grinder’ Is One Vowel Away From Being a Whole Different Show (VIDEO)

Fall TV Preview 2015Rob Lowe and Fred Savage return to television in CBS’ The Grinder, about two brothers brought up in a family of lawyers.

But Lowe’s character, Dean Sanderson, only plays a lawyer on TV while his brother, Stewart (Savage), actually is a lawyer, albeit a beleaguered one. Despite their differences, they “kind of want what the other person has,” says Savage. When Dean’s stint as a beloved TV lawyer ends and he moves back to his hometown, the two brothers must come together for the sake of their family business, which is, not surprisingly, the law firm where Stewart works.

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And what do the co-stars think about how similar the show’s title is with a popular hook-up app? “We hope to be as popular,” mused Savage. Added Lowe, “My mother, God rest her, was an English teacher… and now I really realize how important a vowel is. Without the ‘e’ in Grinder, it’s a whole different show.”

Watch the video above to see the funny rapport between the two actors and three other cast members.

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The Grinder, premieres Tuesday, Sept. 29, 8:30/7:30c, FOX

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