‘Me, Myself & I’ Triples Your Fun: A Chat With the Leading Men of CBS’s New Fall Comedy

Me, Myself & - Jack Dylan Grazer, Bobby Moynihan, John Larroquette
Fall Preview
Benjo Arwas; Kevin Lynch/Warner Bros.
Pictured: Jack Dylan Grazer, Bobby Moynihan, John Larroquette

We’ve watched veteran performer John Larroquette age on television for 40 years in everything from Night Court to The Librarians, but not quite the way he does in Me, Myself & I. The CBS comedy features three actors—Larroquette, Bobby Moynihan and Jack Dylan Grazer—playing ambitious inventor Alex Riley at three pivotal crossroads. Fourteen-year-old Alex (Grazer, left) has just moved to L.A. with his newly engaged mom. Alex at 40 (Saturday Night Live’s Moynihan, center) has lost his mojo and a cheating wife. And sexagenarian Alex (Larroquette) is über-rich but shaken by a recent heart attack. This trio of funny guys convince us to stop worrying about aging and watch their high-spirited new show.

How much are, or were, you like teenage Alex?
Grazer: I’m not as big of a nerd, but I definitely have my awkward moments with girls. So I can sympathize.
Moynihan: I was a nerd, but I was happy. I wasn’t a cool kid, yet I wasn’t disliked by cool kids either. I was really passionate about stuff too: Alex loves the Bulls like a fanboy. I loved George Lucas. I loved Saturday Night Live. I wanted to draw comics, so I was doing a lot of staying in my room, drawing and listening to Fresh Prince [songs].
Larroquette: At 14, I was still a relatively devout Catholic in New Orleans, thinking the priesthood sounded good. I didn’t leave the city until I was 19. So I thought the whole world would be like New Orleans, that everywhere I went would be Mardi Gras.

Jack, do you want to grow up?
Grazer: I’m excited to be an adult. I can’t wait to leave behind the nerves and self-consciousness of a teenager.
Moynihan: Oh boy, sorry, Jack! That never goes away. I thought there would be this distinct change between childhood and adulthood—that one day I’d go “I’m an adult!” Now I’m 40, a dad and working constantly, but otherwise there’s absolutely no change. Adults are just big kids with responsibility…but the same insecurity.
Larroquette: By the time I was 40, I’d been sober almost five years. So I’d at least learned you don’t always have to act on your impulses. Sometimes thinking first is just as good.
Moynihan: Yeah, I’m just starting to go, “You’ve got to stop wearing Star Wars T-shirts and get some real pants!”

What do you hope people your age will learn from Me, Myself & I?
Larroquette: That it’s not over when you get older. For Alex at 65, he’s just in his third act. The climax hasn’t even happened yet.
Grazer: Life goes on. You have to motivate yourself to move forward, and good things happen. Maybe.
Moynihan: There’s no definite in life. In my storyline, Alex is divorced and living in his friend’s garage. Yet, in the next episode, things may be totally different. You can have the best day of your life, but tomorrow can be another story. Or it
can be even better.

Do you younger guys look forward to being 65?
Grazer: A great part of the show is that 65 is when Alex flourishes. You get a glimmer of the real Alex again.
Moynihan: I want to be healthy and enjoy the results of my work. But, secretly, I hope I become a weird old man sitting on a porch watching SNL reruns, telling people stories they don’t care about because they don’t really know who I am. [Laughs]

Me, Myself & I, Premieres Sept. 25, 9:30/8:30c, CBS