‘Big Brother’: Evictions in Tandem (RECAP)

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Julie Chen hosts Big Brother

By now, it is to be expected that a lot can happen in the Big Brother house over the week. Now imagine all of the moments being condensed into one night, because that’s exactly what happens when double eviction night strikes.

Ever changing targets and last-ditch efforts were among some of the highlights in this crazy week. Drama and more drama abounded so get ready for one hell of a ride, and beware of spoilers because there are more than a few ahead.

The Cast

Winning the Head of Household last Thursday, Alex followed suit with what the house wanted and aimed her crosshairs at Cody. Initially she nominated Jason and Elena as pawns with the hope of backdooring Cody. When Elena crossed Alex in the veto competition, she had doubts about Cody as the target and considered going after Mark’s partner. Ultimately the original plan was fulfilled and Alex relinquished her title with little blood on her hands. For now, Alex’s game seems strong, only Cody’s false statements before votes were cast could pose a threat.

There isn’t much to say for Christmas’ game this week other than that she played it safe. As the weeks go on, despite her inability to compete in every competition, Christmas plays a strong social game that makes her elimination unlikely in the coming days. Only time will tell how her strategy will serve her.

At least he can say that he didn’t go without a fight, yes, Cody was finally evicted from the Big Brother house. It wasn’t too shocking, but there did seem to be a shred of hope for his case when Alex was outwardly upset with Elena, unfortunately not upset enough to save him.

In a not so shocking turn of events, Elena was the second evicted houseguest this week after Jason won HOH and put both her and Mark up on the block. Due to her and Mark’s association with Cody, and the fact that she took money over safety in the veto competition, her elimination just made sense. She will join Cody in the jury house as the first two members.

It was a good week for Jason who despite being nominated at the beginning of the week by Alex, came out on top to win HOH for the double eviction night. Jason also had to endure a minor punishment from the veto competition in which he had to dress up in an “extreme” leotard. At the moment, Jason’s only potential danger is vested in Mark who could go after Jason since he was responsible for Elena’s eviction.

Josh continues to make it through the weeks with little consequence, but his safety is sure to be in jeopardy once the showmances are no longer a concern. In a way, he played a low-key game this week, which is a stark contrast to his saucepan wielding routine from weeks prior. This week also saw the elimination of Josh’s two biggest enemies in the house, so he may be complacent for the time being, but Mark is sure to have Josh in his sights if he acquires any power soon.

This week started out rocky for the otherwise under the radar Kevin, because he started to communicate with Cody and this unnerved his alliance members, Alex in particular. All concerns about Kevin were pretty much forgotten after Elena and Alex’s disagreement, allowing him to breathe a sigh of relief. There is no indication that Kevin has to worry about his safety in the next few weeks though, unless Alex is still suspicious of him.

Mark did what he seems to do best and that is win some competitions, this may not have been HOH, but he won the temptation competition guaranteeing him safety during Alex’s reign, and then won veto when Jason had put him up on the block. He will have to keep up with this in order to stay safe in the house because Mark is clearly the next target.

This is one of the first weeks where Matt actually made some moves in the game, from throwing the temptation competition to keep Cody away from the veto to using the veto on Jason instead of himself, there was a new side of Matt to be seen. Although he seems to be in with the other houseguests, Matt could very well be in danger within the coming weeks due to his involvement in a showmance with Raven.

Unlike her showmance partner Matt, Raven went far under the radar this week, and may continue to pursue this strategy until she’s in potential danger of being nominated for eviction. There is little to say about her game this week, but Raven has potential to outlast larger threats in the house.

Paul’s prayers were answered when Cody was evicted from the house, but there is little else to say about his game this week. This is one of the first weeks where Paul actually pursued a low-key game, and this may work to his advantage as the numbers dwindle in the house. His strong social game has allowed him a safety net for the time being, but if the other houseguests wise up, that safety could vanish.

Most Dramatic Moment of the Week

As expected, it wouldn’t be a week in the Big Brother house without a fight. The fight of the week would definitely have to be the confrontation between Josh and Elena and Mark in which Josh called out the showmance duo for their behavior and shadiness. Eventually Alex joined in, calling out Elena for going back on their deal in the veto competition. Needless to say, the moment definitely stirred the pot.

Cutest and Funniest Moment of the Week

There were a couple of cute moments this week, the first taking place at the veto competition, where Josh was the narrator. During the competition, a punishment was inflicted upon Paul, and it was referred to as “tandem skydivers.” Apparently the house was entertained by the way Josh pronounced the word tandem, giving them all a laugh.
The next moment was more emotional and included Kevin and Cody, in which Cody revealed to Kevin that he has a daughter. It isn’t often that we saw Cody open up to his houseguests, but it was a touching moment from one father to another who are missing their children.


And then there were three, at least that’s how many showmancers are left in this game after this week. Matt and Raven are the only intact couple while Mark held onto safety for the time being. As the houseguests are being eliminated, showmances are the current targets for the future. If any of these houseguests want to ensure safety, they’ll have to start winning some more competitions.


Due to multitudes of excitement, this week earned 5 vetos out of 5.