‘Big Brother’: The Soul-Sucking OTEV Strikes (RECAP)

Big Brother - Cody Nickson with Julie Chen
Spoiler Alert
Johnny Vy/CBS
Live Eviction Night - August 10, 2017. Cody Nickson casts his vote live with host Julie Chen on Big Brother.

As the Big Brother saying goes, “expect the unexpected,” this week certainly lived up to those words. Described as horror week, the houseguests went through ghoulish challenges, and temptations among which was facing the famed Otev for this week’s veto competition. Showmances were also tested in the house, while influence over the Head of Household played out like its own competition. Mix all of this together and you have one memorable week.

For all of the news and notes check out the full recap below, but proceed with caution since there are spoilers ahead.

The Cast

And that makes two for Alex, her second Head of Household that is. After continuing to lay low and stick to the side of the house with numbers she is finally in the top spot for the upcoming week since she won HOH this Thursday. Being in an alliance with Paul has certainly had its perks for Alex who is off most people’s radars in the house besides Jessica who is no longer a threat. Earlier in the week she had an awkward moment between herself and Mark when she made a comment about him and Elena while he was in the room. While this gaff could have put a wrench in her game, Alex’s secure position as HOH is sure to leave that memory in the past without consequence.

Even though she isn’t always cleared to compete, Christmas always brings her a-game. This week she gave Josh some advice for his run as HOH, telling him to not do everything Paul wants but rather follow his own heart. Ultimately it didn’t matter because it seemed that both Josh and Paul wanted the same thing, which was for Christmas to use her power of temptation to switch out herself with Cody as a veto competitor. Even though it was what Paul wanted, Josh had the final say so, keeping Christmas content with the decision. Seeing as she isn’t part of a showmance, Christmas’ safety is inevitable for the next couple of weeks.


It wouldn’t be a week in the Big Brother house unless Cody was one of the number one targets. This desire was squashed early in the week when he won the temptation competition guaranteeing him safety for the next week. With that safety apparently came a sense of invincibility because Cody got into many tiffs with his fellow house guests, the prime person being Josh. Despite knowing his position amongst his fellow players, Cody’s inability to make deals with others will be his inevitable downfall.

After spending most of her time in the house under the radar, Elena was finally forced into a dialogue about her game. From the minute that Josh won HOH, Elena was his number one target since she had voted to evict him in a past week. Although surprising, it shows that even going under the radar has its disadvantages. Since she is associated with Mark, her target only continues to grow as shomance pairs are at the top of the hit list in the Big Brother house.


Since being on the block last week, Jason got to enjoy a low-key week outside of most of the drama. His alliance with Alex, Paul and Kevin continues to remain strong, and should hold solid in the next few weeks. Jason’s strengths are that he can play a social game while maintaining a nonthreatening presence.

If last week was any indication, this would not be a good week for Jessica. After using her halt hex at the prior eviction, Jessica was evicted after landing herself on the block through losing the temptation competition. It was a unanimous vote except for Cody who voted to evict Raven. She may have been safe if it hadn’t been for Cody’s removal from competing in the Otev themed veto competition.  Since Jessica refused to hear Josh out about his main target, she ultimately sealed her own fate.

This meatball loving, saucepan banging player finally had a turn at the HOH for this week’s game. Despite gunning for Elena’s eviction, his nominations and ultimate choice to send Jessica home does little to shake his game. Josh’s hotheaded behavior was still on display, but was primarily geared towards Cody and Jessica. Since Mark and Elena didn’t win this upcoming week’s HOH, it doesn’t seem like Josh will be going anywhere anytime soon.

The dad of the house continues to remain relevant and under the radar at the same time. Once it was clear that Jessica may be evicted he approached Cody to offer up a deal to join an alliance with Paul, Alex, Jason and himself. Although it was a valiant effort, Cody’s refusal to partake which was revealed in the diary room shouldn’t impact Kevin’s game.

Unsurprisingly, Mark was nominated for eviction alongside Elena. Despite Josh and Mark’s previous arguments, things stayed pretty cool between the two considering the nomination. During this week’s veto competition, Mark faced Otev in a battle over souls and won. When he took himself off of the block Raven was put up in his place. Since Alex won HOH for the upcoming week, Mark may be one of her prime targets as he is part of a pair with Elena.

Once again there is little to say about Matt as his game is so low-key that there is no clear path for his future. The only move made by Matt this week was his offering to be put up as a pawn in Mark’s spot after the veto competition. Since Jessica was evicted, Matt’s chance of being nominated only increases, as showmance couples remain the highest targets.

This week was a little more mellow for Raven in comparison to the tension that came up between her and Jessica in the week prior. Just as her partner Matt, Raven’s game is a little underdeveloped at this point in the summer, but she did offer herself as a pawn to Josh and was put on the block. Raven’s only danger now is that she is in a showmance with Matt, but they are definitely second on the list to Mark and Elena.


As per usual, Paul did what he does best and that is manipulate his fellow house guests. Despite Josh’s main target being Elena, the evicted house guest this week was Jessica, who was one of Paul’s number one targets. This vet does a good job of convincing others around him that his ideas are their ideas, and if the remaining house guests don’t figure this out soon, Paul could be one of the final players this season.

Most Dramatic Moment of the Week

Would a moment in the Big Brother house be dramatic if it wasn’t a fight? This week’s moment goes to the fight between Cody and Josh, which took such a heated turn that the two had to be separated. Although Jessica and Josh’s spelling fight was also a strong contender.


Cutest and Funniest Moment of the Week

The funniest moment of the week would definitely have to go to the temptation competition which found the voluntary participants looking for clues in a “haunted” styled Big Brother house. Raven, Elena, Jessica, Alex and Paul were among the best reactions as costume clad figures jumped out at them.


One of the showmances came to an end this week since Jessica was evicted and Cody remains in the house along. Mark and Elena and Matt and Raven are among the most coveted targets making it less appealing to be part of a pair at this point in the game.


Due to more stress free watching this week earned 4 vetos out of 5.