Watch: Team ‘Flash’ Talks Speed Force, Iris’s New Role and the Family Jokester

The Flash
Robby Klein/Contour by Getty Images for TV Guide Magazine

The Flash won’t be racing back to us until this October, but the cast slowed down for a quick chat when they visited the TV Insider Studios at San Diego Comic-Con, where we grilled them about what is coming up now that Barry (Grant Gustin) is locked way in Speed Force prison.

Among the goodies: we get news about the evolution of Iris from Candice Patton; the West men’s roles in a Barry-less Central City from Keiynan Lonsdale and Jesse L. Martin; and a final tally of how many Harrison Wells actually exist from Tom Cavanagh. Unfortunately, Danielle Panabaker couldn’t expand on what Caitlin/Killer Frost has been up to since we last saw her and none of them could agree on who’s the class clown of the group.

Check out the video here (and yes, Lonsdale was dressed as Where’s Waldo because even superheroes can get down with the cosplay at Comic-Con).

The Flash, Season 4 premiere Tuesday, Oct. 10, 8/7c, The CW.