‘Under the Dome’s Barbie Battles Against the Heart of Darkness

Brownie Harris/CBS
Mike vogel, rachelle lefevre

Talk about being torn between two lovers! Ever since the folks of Chester’s Mill emerged from their yearlong cocoon at the beginning of Season 3, Cupid has had a bit of a multiple personality when it comes to local hero Barbie (Mike Vogel). Convinced that the supposed death of girlfriend Julia (Rachelle Lefevre) and the implanted memories of his faux-mance with Aktaion Energy Corp. lackey Eva (Kylie Bunbury) were real, Barbie has found himself emotionally ricocheting between his ex and the newbie he thinks is his soul mate.

“Eva accepts his darkness, which was something he always hid from Julia,” says executive producer Tim Schlattmann, who adds that Eva’s allegiance to mysterious newcomer Christine Price (Marg Helgenberger) makes things even trickier. “She has been taken over by Christine and her followers, the Kinship,” he explains of the mind games that have been played on both Barbie and the previously good-intentioned Eva. “She is as much a pawn in it all as he is.” But why? And does this mean fans should give up hope for a Barbie-Julia reunion? “Now that Julia has become more of a realist, she and Barbie are going to have to deal with the fact that they have not known each other for very long, and that could mean realizing they’re not meant for each other after all,” Schlattmann says. “But Julia won’t give up on him without a fight!”

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And not just some sort of catfight, either: With Eva now carrying Barbie’s baby (a child destined to one day rule the Kinship), half the town under the influence of that freaky glowing goo and the head of Aktaion, Hektor Martin (Eriq LaSalle), entering the dome with soldiers, Chester’s Mill could be in for a battle royal. “The fate of the citizens and the dome will be decided this season,” Schlattmann says. “Both sides of this war—the Kinship and the Resistance—will suffer some brutal losses.”

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