Former ShondaLand doctor joins ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

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Former ShondaLand doctor joins Grey’s Anatomy
Is Martin Henderson the new McDreamy? The New Zealand-born actor, who played a doctor on Rhimes’ short-lived 2011 ABC drama Off the Map, is expected to play a surgeon next season on Grey’s Anatomy. Henderson previously starred in Rhimes’ 2009 ABC drama pilot Inside the Box.

Game of Thrones “foreshadowed the hell out of that death”
That was “as ho-hum as a major character death can be,” says Tim Goodman, adding: “For all the elements that make Game of Thrones compelling television — its scope, characters, writing and acting, among others — it often falls down in the one area it is best known for: surprises.” PLUS: Why that death may not be a death, behind the scenes of filming the final scene, showrunners tell if that death really did happen, who is actually dead from the season finale?, the death was spoiled in January, Lena Headey deserves an Emmy nomination for acting from the neck up, Season 5 showed the advantages and disadvantages of serialization, Kit Harington is glad he doesn’t have to keep his “f*cking secret” anymore, Harrington on filming the season finale with John Bradley, Harrington recalls his “Tony Soprano walk,” the Season 5 finale was a “surprisingly feisty episode of television,” why was this season so boring?, Sansa Stark was the finale’s most frustrating part, Gwendoline Christie on her big finale moment, what it was like shooting that scene with Arya Stark, and Lena Headey says of filming her big scene: “There’s a part of you that’s f*cking terrified.”

John Oliver takes on 24, has Helen Mirren read the torture report
The Last Week Tonight host came down hard on Jack Bauer for making torture seem legitimate. PLUS: Oliver responds to ex-FIFA official who called him a “comedian fool.”

Married at First Sight couple splits — she took a restraining order out on him
Ryan De Nino and Jessica Castro decided to stay as a couple during last week’s finale. But over the weekend, De Niro posted what appears to be restraining order placed on him by Castro.

Parents TV Council is “not concerned at all” with ABC accidentally showing LeBron James’ penis
“When you look at video footage from the game, even when you slow it down, we really didn’t see anything that was of concern,” says PTC president Tim Winter. “I don’t mean to make light of this, but some people can look at a Ritz cracker and see the image of the Virgin Mary.” PLUS: ABC aired an F-word during last night’s NBA Finals game.

Mike Judge explains Silicon Valley‘s Season 2 finale
And here’s his teaser for Season 3: “What was it last season, mo’ money, mo’ problems? How about: Mo’ problems, mo’ money.” PLUS: Why Silicon Valley got so much better in Season 2.

Veep came up with a brilliant way to end its 4th season
The season finale saw Veep firing on all cylinders.

Nichelle Nichols: “I am feeling the best that I felt in a very long time”
The former Star Trek star says she lost no mobility following her June 3 stroke. “I am as wild and woolly as I have ever been,” says the 82-year-old actress.

Chris Harrison: I wouldn’t want my daughter dating The Bachelor Chris Soules
“I mean, Chris, I love you, he’s a good friend and I love the guy, but stay away from my daughter,” he tells Meredith Vieira.

Kevin Spacey receives an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II
The House of Cards star is now “Sir Kevin Spacey.”

Benedict Cumberbatch becomes a dad
The Sherlock star welcomed a son the day after Queen Elizabeth II honored him for his performing arts and charity. PLUS: Sherlock and Doctor Who‘s Steven Moffat honored with an OBE.