What’s Worth Watching: A Gravely Funny Situation

Odd Mom Out
Barbara Nitke/Bravo
Odd Mom Out

Odd Mom Out, “Dying to Get In” (Monday, June 15, 10/9c, Bravo)

In her “Mother of Dragons” T-shirt, Jill Weber somehow just doesn’t fit in among the status-obsessed mom-zillas and (as Thomas Wolfe once famously coined) “Social X-Rays” she lives with on the Upper East Side. This heightened, snarkily fictionalized version of Odd Mom Out star-creator Jill Kargman is a hoot in Bravo’s sitcom send-up of the Real Housewives lifestyle of the rich and insufferable.

Jill’s frantically funny anxiety level reaches a fever pitch in this episode, when she realizes she’s the only mom who hasn’t heard back from the trendy kindergartens she applied to get her rambunctious twins into. Even worse, her husband’s family insists she attend an interview at an in-demand cemetery that’s considering their application for a family plot. (The high-society graveyard just booted a few more Madoffs and is demanding 10 letters of recommendation just to get inside the gates.) “Death must be trending,” muses Jill’s pal Vanessa (K.K. Glick), and after Jill makes a deadly first impression with the cemetery board, she pulls out all the stops to ensure her in-laws get the six-feet-under ending they deserve.