What's Worth Watching: Diary of a Mad White Man

Aubry D'Arminio


Maron, "Mad Marc" (Thursday, June 11, 10/9c, IFC)

We all go a little crazy sometimes. But getting Howard Beale-style mad-as-hell is part of Marc's (Marc Maron) morning routine. And afternoon routine. And snack time ritual. Just ask him how he feels about waiters, his parents, or B.J. Novak. I dare you. He finally reaches his breaking point tonight while dressing down younger comedian Kumar Sanjani (Vik Sahay) for taking too long on stage. The laid-back Kumar (who's tightly-based on Silicon Valley star Kumail Nanjiani) is unperturbed by Marc's tantrum, which only makes the latter angrier. Then he gets angry for feeling angry—and takes a hilarious stab at anger management. The episode's best scene, however, is at the end, when Marc re-confronts Kumar, who announces that now he's not going to take this anymore!