The Roots’ Questlove to score the new ‘Roots’ miniseries

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The Roots’ Questlove to score the new Roots miniseries

The Tonight Show bandleader will create the authentic African sound and themes for the characters A+E Networks’ revival of the 1977 miniseries.

Jon Stewart’s Daily Show Armani suits are going up for sale on eBay

Proceeds from the auction will help benefit Achilles International, a charity dedicated to helping people with disabilities participate in sports. PLUS: Obama’s visit last night didn’t top his other visits, ratings-wise.

unveils its first Season 2 trailer

Watch Cookie visit Lucious in jail.

Hope Davis joins American Crime

The In Treatment alum will star opposite Timothy Hutton in Season 2 of the John Ridley series. PLUS: Two more teen roles have been cast for Season 2.

Syfy acquires Canadian drama Wynonna Earp

Based on the graphic novel of the same name, Wynonna Earp is described as “Justified meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Fox renews Masterchef

Gordon Ramsay will be back for a seventh season of his cooking reality competition.

flies in CBS’ official poster

“A new hero will rise.”

Jimmy Fallon is no longer wearing a big cast

The Tonight Show host is getting closer to recovering from his finger injury.

See how The Walking Dead creates its special effects

A reel from Stargate Studios shows all the amazing special effects used on the AMC series.

James Franco dresses as Jon Snow for his AOL web series

Season 2 of Making a Scene will have a Game of Thrones theme. PLUS: Kit Harington spotted on the streets of Belfast.

Last Comic Standing
returns tonight, and Roseanne thinks new host Anthony Jeselnik is a “sociopath”

“He sounds like a sociopath,” she says of Jeselnik, the former Amy Schumer boyfriend who hosted Comedy Central’s The Jeselnik Offensive.

Hannibal Buress responds to being called a “feminist hero” for taking on Bill Cosby

“People are going to put on you whatever they want to put on you,” he tells GQ. “It is conflicting, because people think I’m like this amazing guy or something.”

Stephen Colbert gave out a phone number for his latest Lunch with Stephen web episode

What happens when you dial 1-800-726-0944?

Full House! The Musical, starring Perez Hilton, has an even creepier-looking cast than Lifetime’s Unauthorized movie

Check out photos of the gossip blogger as Danny Tanner.

Bill Simmons is perfect for HBO

At ESPN, Simmons didn’t draw many eyeballs with his Grantland Basketball Hour or his Grantland website. But viewership won’t matter at HBO, where he’ll be given complete freedom to attack NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Hulu’s The Way adds Sarah Jones from Texas Rising

She’ll co-star with Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan in the cult drama from Jason Katims.

MTV’s White People is too superficial to tackle race seriously

The MTV documentary doesn’t trust its viewers to deeply delve into race, so it barely skims the surface, says Pilot Viruet, who adds: “There are two major problems with the documentary: It is extremely short — about 40 minutes without commercials, making it feel more like an MTV True Life episode than an actual, insightful documentary — and it pulls too many of its punches, never fully committing to getting to the heart of its subject.” PLUS: Why white people should avoidWhite People, it’s like a Key and Peele sketch at its most Onion-like, and why this film targets white millennials.

has become too self-aware for its own good

“The first movie was good,” says Dennis Mersereau. “The second movie was a wonderful, meta-filled nod to the first movie. The third movie is too much.” He adds: “Like most tortured movie series, the joy of Sharknado wore off once the swirling mass of sea creatures became sentient and strayed away from Sharknado for the sake of Sharknado, turning into something like Syfy’s answer to the Minions with more teeth and less appeal to everyone’s middle-aged family members on Facebook. By making a third one, they sucked the fun out of it by forcing the movie’s buzz instead of letting it grow on its own.” PLUS: Sharknado 3 cranks up the absurdity level to hilarious proportions, too much NBC Universal product placement threatens to derail this sharknado, Sharknado 3smells like dead fish, they have brilliantly made a terrible sequel, presenting the Sharknado 3 party game, Tara Reid enjoyed her Sharknado pregnancy, Sharknado3 director’s dream was to create “George Washington Shark Face,” How does Ian Ziering approach a shooting schedule of less than 20 days?, and Sharknado 3’s biggest moments have come from offhand jokes.