What’s Worth Watching: Southern Charm’s Star-Crossed Lovers Reunite

Southern Charm
Mathieu Young/Robert Ascroft/Bravo
Southern Charm

Southern Charm, “Reunion” (Monday, June 1, 10/9c, Bravo)

On last week’s explosive season finale of Southern Charm, the most important love story of our time didn’t so much end as it did run up to the edge of the world’s tallest cliff. Pretty young thing Kathryn Calhoun Dennis pulled out all the stops—showing up to a charity event decked out as a sexy Bond villain—in order to win back her much older baby daddy, Thomas Ravenel. Thomas, true to form, couldn’t resist the bait, and came panting to her lap the minute she strutted into the room. But as the show has revealed time and time again, once the shimmer of lust dulls, these two just can’t get along. By the end of the night, Thomas was storming out of the event solo as Kathryn chased after him, screaming like a barefoot banshee.

That non-ending means tonight’s reunion is going to be a doozy. Say a little prayer for host Andy Cohen, who’s got to keep things calm as they try to find some sort of resolution, i.e. yell at each other