What's Worth Watching: 100 Things to Do Before High School Starts a Band

Oriana Schwindt
Evans Vestal Ward/Nickelodeon

100 Things To Do Before HIgh School

100 Things to Do Before High School, "Start a Garage Band Thing!" (Saturday, May 30, 9/8c, Nickelodeon)

If you're stuck at home with the kids—either yours or ones that have voluntarily been surrendered into your care—you could do worse for a half-hour's entertainment than this. Seventh grader CJ (Isabela Moner) is terrified of missing out on all the cool stuff one should do before high school, so she enlists her two BFF's Fen (Jaheem Toombs) and Crispo (Owen Joyner) to help her complete this much less macabre version of a bucket list. Tonight, they start a garage band.