Season 2 of ‘Playing House’ Juggles a Baby—and Bachelors

Playing House-Lennon Parham, Jessica St. Clair
Robin Von Swank/USA Network

Wouldn’t it be great if you could kick your cheating husband to the curb and raise a family with your BFF instead? That was the question posed in Season 1 of USA’s sleeper hit Playing House, starring comedians Lennon Parham as first-time mom Maggie Caruso and Jessica St. Clair as Emma Crawford, her ultra-supportive pal. Now, with Season 2 upon us—and baby Charlotte in the mix—we’ll find out the answer. Parham and St. Clair preview their next megadose of girl power.

In the premiere, Charlotte—who arrived at the end of last season—is six months old. Is it all Pampers jokes from here on out?
St. Clair: We were worried about that very early on in the writers’ room. Sometimes
babies can ruin a show—all these “Mommy and Me” storylines are not that funny unless you’re living it. But if anything, it’s just made the stakes higher for Emma and Maggie.
Parham: Jessica and I have kids who are around 2 and, like us, our characters just strap her along for the ride.

Is Maggie ready to start dating?
Parham: She has a strange dream about [HGTV home-improvement stars] the Property Brothers that is very sexual, so Emma decides to put her on Tinder. High jinks ensue!

St. Clair: We got the Property Brothers to appear as themselves—you’re welcome, America! There’s a whole night of bachelors for Maggie, one of whom is Darius Rucker. You may know him as Hootie [of Hootie & the Blowfish]? He’s handsome and has the voice of an angel!

What’s in store for Emma and her married ex-boyfriend, Mark (Keegan-Michael Key)?
St. Clair: They figure out a way to be friends again, but there are complications. Keegan gets taken on a real ride this season, emotionally. We put him in a tux and a garbage bag.

The premise of this show is such a female fantasy. What’s been the feedback?
Parham: Women will stop me to say, “You guys are just like me and my best friend!” I hear that a lot in the parking lot at Target…but I do spend a tremendous amount of time there.

Playing House, Season premiere, August 4, 10/9c, USA