What’s Worth Watching: Remembering the Alamo

Texas Rising
Prashant Gupta/HISTORY
Texas Rising

Texas Rising, (Monday, May 25, 9/8c, History)

Everyone’s spoiling for a fight in the rough-and-tumble world depicted in Texas Rising, a rousing 10-hour miniseries docu-dramatizing the battle for Texas independence in the 1830s. History hopes this sprawling saga can repeat TV history—in 2012, the Memorial Day premiere of Hatfields & McCoys stunned the industry with its powerhouse ratings.

If Texas Rising lacks Hatfields‘ narrative focus, it does boast a strong cast, led by Bill Paxton as General Sam Houston, who in the wake of the Alamo calamity finds himself leading a ragtag volunteer army and rowdy Rangers itching to take on Santa Ana’s considerably more sizable troops. With threats from Mexicans and Indians, as well as dissidents, outlaws, and scoundrels within his own ranks, Houston’s is not an easy road. But one that fans of old-fashioned Westerns will likely be more than willing to follow.