‘Knock Knock’. Who’s There? Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest
Michael Becker/FOX

This is not a joke. Ryan Seacrest adds yet another reality series to his résumé as the host of the new Knock Knock Live. With one tap at the door, unsuspecting Americans have the chance to win prizes or once-in-a-lifetime experiences—on live television. “My anxiety is riding high,” Seacrest says. “I went out the other night [for a test run] just to see what this might be like, and it’s terrifying when you’re walking up to someone’s front door and they don’t know you’re coming.”

While Seacrest will broadcast from a Los Angeles-based studio, his team of correspondents and celebrity guests will hit the streets across the country to bring joy to deserving families. “We’re trying to find genuine stories from exceptional people,” says Seacrest, who has been scouting for candidates via his syndicated radio show and social-media platforms. He’s also utilizing his Rolodex full of Hollywood hotshots to create unforgettable experiences, such as sports tips from an all-star athlete and a living-room concert performed by a major pop artist. “Some of the stars I’ve talked to are really taking ownership in putting these segments together,” Seacrest says. “It’s everything from cash to cars to a new house or soccer lessons from David Beckham. It’s star-studded.” And what if somebody isn’t home when the camera crew comes a-knockin’? “Well, that could be good TV as well!” Seacrest says with a laugh.

Knock Knock Live marks yet another collaboration between Seacrest and American Idol creator Simon Fuller. The 40-year-old host admits he took the summer gig to remain active on the Fox network after it was announced that Idol would be ending its 15-year run next season. “I panicked and thought, ‘I’ve got to do something else,’ so this is it,” explains Seacrest, who is already hard at work with the Idol creative team to prep their farewell extravaganza. “It’s emotional because it’s been a part of my life every single week for so many years,” he says. “For those viewers who didn’t come back for the last couple of seasons, we’re going to put together a show that makes them want to watch the final run.”


Knock Knock Live, Series premiere, Tuesday, July 21, 9/8c, Fox