What’s Worth Watching: Can you answer 500 Questions?

500 Questions
Ron Tom/ABC
500 Questions

500 Questions, “101,” (Wednesday, May 20, 8/7c, ABC)

If you watched Who Wants to be a Millionaire and thought, “Blech, too easy,” then this one’s for you. 500 Questions is a new game show that pits two geniuses against one another to answer, well, 500 questions. Hosted by CNN’s Richard Quest, the seven-night event begins tonight and concludes Thursday, May 28.

Here’s how it works. Two incredibly intelligent people—say, a neuroscientist and an attorney—will answer trivia in rounds of 50 questions spanning the gamut from politics to science to pop culture. If they answer three wrong in a row, they’re out. Throw in the fact that there is neither multiple choice nor lifelines, and this is going to be one epic challenge.

Think you have what it takes? Try this question from the show: What Wild West lawman, gambler and friend of Wyatt Earp ended his career as a newspaper writer in New York City?

The answer? Why, Bat Masterson, of course.

Don’t worry, we Googled it too.