ESPN has to tighten its belt after losing 3.2 million subscribers

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ESPN has to tighten its belt after losing 3.2 million subscribers

Cord-cutters and people downgrading to cheaper cable packages lacking expensive sports channels have taken a toll on ESPN’s revenues. The 3.2 million subscribers who’ve dropped ESPN in a little over a year have resulted in more than $250 million in losses, or $6.61 per month per subscriber.

Smallville Supergirl Laura Vandervoort is in talks to appear on CBS’ Supergirl

“Hopefully I get to be a part of it at some point. Which is looking good,” Vandervoort said at Comic-Con.

Report: Giuliana Rancic is leaving E! News because she’s feuding with Maria Menounos

“They’ve always been rivals,” a source tells Page Six. “Maria sees Giuliana as competition and it goes back years. They never speak and they won’t appear on-set together. It’s kind of unspoken that if she is in the building, Giuliana wants nothing to do with her.”

Watch the creepy trailer for A&E’s Damien

At Comic-Con, showrunner Glen Mazzara said he was unable to give a premiere date, adding that The Omen sequel was supposed to be paired with Bates Motel.

Teen Wolf
renewed for Season 6

The MTV series also revealed a trailer for Season 5 at Comic-Con.

Maisie Williams defends Game of Thrones’ treatment of women

“At the end of the day, there was a lot of problematic scenes in the show for everyone, not just Sansa and Cersei,” she says. “I think people should look at the bigger picture.” Williams adds: “I feel like people are treated badly on it all the time—men, women, girls, boys…animals. It’s set in a time where women didn’t have it easy. Women haven’t had it good over history, like it’s been a pretty s*** time for us. And like a lot of other fantasy, the show takes on controversial topics.” PLUS: Here’s Bill Murray meeting “Arya Stark.”

Rob Lowe jokes Scream Queens should kill off Ariana Grande

Lowe, who wasn’t buying Grande’s “hates Americans” apology,” says: “She’s in Scream Queens which is after my show, The Grinder, so I’m psyched to see — maybe now they’ll kill her earlier.”

How many times did Million Dollar Listings: San Francisco use the word “tech”?

At least 20 times, by Buzzfeed’s count.

NBC’s The Player will use Los Angeles to portray Las Vegas

The Wesley Snipes action drama will, however, visit Vegas on occasion to shoot some scenes.

remains the best show nobody’s watching

That the Sundance show is getting a fourth season is a testament to how the TV industry has changed, allowing a quiet show to breathe, says David Sims. “Toiling away on the Sundance Channel, the Southern Gothic tale of a man freed from death row after 19 years has received the kind of rave reviews that keep a show on the air despite desperately low ratings,” he says. PLUS: Rectify’s storytelling is radical, and Ray McKinnon explains why six episodes is perfect for a Rectify season.