Syfy Orders Fantasy Series The Magicians

Oriana Schwindt

The Magicians

Apparently the pilot for The Magicians had Syfy execs spellbound, as the network has ordered it to series.

The 12-episode drama is based on author Lev Grossman's fantasy trilogy, in which young genius Quentin Coldwater ditches traditional college for the Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy and discovers the world of the Chronicles of Narnia-esque book series he's been obsessed with is actually a real place.

The show stars Jason Ralph as Quentin, and will treat Brakebills as more of a grad school (Quentin is a grad student, rather than fresh out of high school). To match the Upstate New York vibe—and also because most everything on Syfy shoots there—production will be headquartered in Vancouver.