Tia Mowry Dishes Her New Cooking Channel Show

Tia Mowry
Adam Rose/Cooking Channel
Tia Mowry

It’s called acting. On Nick at Nite’s Instant Mom, Tia Mowry plays a food blogger who can’t cook—in fact, she can barely work a spatula—but in the real world, the spunky star is pretty darn fabulous in the kitchen. For proof, check out her new Cooking Channel series, Tia Mowry at Home, premiering Wednesday, April 29 (9/8c, 5 p.m./PT). It’s a family affair!

There are a zillion food shows these days. What sets yours apart?
This is not just another girl cooking. Since I gave birth to my son, Cree [in 2011], I’ve been aware that a lot of moms feel really guilty about not making enough time to prepare healthy dishes for their families. You don’t have to throw TV dinners at your kids or do takeout. I show you how to make good food easy. The obesity rate among young people is insane. I want to help moms help their kids. Enough with the chicken nuggets!

Will real moms take advice from a privileged star? Gwyneth Paltrow sure has trouble with that.
Hey, busy is busy. I’m an actress, author, entrepreneur, wife, and mom who is juggling two TV shows. We’re all looking for balance, but that’s no excuse for not eating well. People will say, “But organic food is so expensive!” It doesn’t have to be. I have a small vegetable garden in my backyard. I go to the farmers’ markets. None of this should be intimidating or unrealistic.

So you serve up nothing decadent?
Are you kidding? Of course! I begged my husband, [actor] Cory Hardrict, to come on my show and give up his private recipe for macaroni and cheese, and he agreed. Nobody cares if I show up for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. All my family wants to know is, “Will Cory’s mac and cheese be there?”

Your dad, Timothy, also joins you on the show. He actually exists!
[Laughs] My dad is the best-kept secret. My twin sister [Tamera Mowry] and I have been in this business 25 years, and he’s always been private. He won’t even let himself be photographed. But as soon as I got a cooking show, he was there! My mom, Darlene, is black and can throw down some mean greens and fried chicken. My dad’s white and he’s, like, “Oh, really? So can I.” He makes the most amazing soul food. We’re a crazy bunch. We all come alive when we cook.

Milk-Less Milk Shake

Almond Joy MilkshakesServes 4

2 tablespoons almond butter
2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa
4 peeled frozen bananas
3 pitted dates
1 cup almond milk
Mini chocolate chips

Add almond butter, cocoa, frozen bananas, and
dates to a food processor. Pulse a few times to break up bananas. With the
food processor running, care­fully stream in almond milk, then blend until smooth. Divide among
4 chilled small glasses and garnish with mini chocolate chips.