Steve Harvey Plays Chicken on ‘Little Big Shots: Forever Young’ (VIDEO)

LittleBigShotsForeverYoung_Steve Harvey_ChickenHat
Colleen Hayes/NBC
Steve Harvey and 88-year-old Bonnie Swallwell Eilert do some chicken-calling on Little Big Shots: Forever Young

Coming up this Wednesday on Little Big Shots: Forever Young, host Steve Harvey ponders the perennial question: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Actually, the legendary funnyman is learning the fine art of chicken-calling courtesy of Bonnie, a precocious 88-year-old chicken, hog and husband caller, as you can see in this exclusive preview clip:

I bet Steve never thought that hog-calling would become part of his skill set, but we have to admit—he’s not bad! And we’ve gotta tune in to see if Bonnie explains what in the world husband-calling is! And, if she can get Steve to rock her adorable headwear.

Also in the episode, Steve will introduce America to a 93-year-old swing dancer, an incredibly fit 73-year-old jump-rope king hoping to make a new record for fastest jump-roper, a hilarious Italian grandma and restaurateur, an amazing sand artist and a fun 70-year-old rollerblader from Italy.

Little Big Shots: Forever Young, Wednesdays at 8/7c, NBC