What's Worth Watching: Shark Tank Has an Eco-friendly Car It Wants You to See

Oriana Schwindt
Michael Desmond/ABC

The Shark Tank

Shark Tank, "Episode 626" (Friday, May 1, 8/7c, ABC)

Why: We've seen cars that run on excrement, ethanol, and water, which is all very cool, but a man from Vermont is about to one-up all those suckers with a car that runs on compressed air. (Science!) Pat Boone, who was second only to Elvis on the charts in the late 50s, looks to undo the damage his generation's giant Cadillac gas-guzzlers inflicted on the environment by assisting in the pitch. Oh, and the Sharks also make one entrepreneur cry. (Whether they use the tears to perk up after-show martinis is unknown.)