Naomi Watts in ‘Gypsy’, ‘Danger & Eggs’ and Nick Kroll and John Mulaney’s ‘Oh, Hello’ New in Streaming

Oh Hello NIck Kroll John Mulaney
Oh, Hello stars NIck Kroll and John Mulaney

The Bureau
Season Premiere Season 3, Available now, Sundance Now
Munich star (and French acting icon) Mathieu Kassovitz returns as spy Guillaume Debailly (code name: Malotru). Last season, he saved his lady love, Nadia (Zineb Triki), from Syrian prison. This year, it’s Debailly who needs to be rescued from ISIS, which took him hostage during a rogue operation in Raqqa.

Danger & Eggs
SeRies Premiere Friday, June 30, Amazon
As educational as it is nuts, this children’s show follows thrill lover D.D. Danger (SNL’s Aidy Bryant) and her safety-obsessed best friend, talking egg Phillip (Eric Knobel). A must for kids who run with scissors.

Oh, Hello on Broadway
Available now, Netflix
Who knew? Funnymen Nick Kroll and John Mulaney’s (above) stage show Oh, Hello—based on sketches from Comedy Central’s Kroll Show—didn’t seem like a natural fit for Broadway when it was announced in 2015. Then it premiered. Their characters, crotchety seventysomething Upper West Siders Gil Faizon (Kroll) and George St. Geegland (Mulaney), a wannabe actor and writer, respectively, and their malapropisms (Candid Camera is called Candy Camera) delivered in heavy New York accents proved to be hilarious in any venue.

Miniseries, Available now, Hulu
Crime novelist Giles Blunt’s Forty Words for Sorrow (the first in his heralded John Cardinal detective series) laid the groundwork for this twisty Canadian mystery. Billy Campbell makes his debut as the troubled Algonquin Bay homicide detective whose obsession with a missing First Nations girl goes nuclear after her body turns up. His theory: There’s a serial killer on the loose. But his colleagues aren’t convinced. Guess who’s right?

Series Premiere
Friday, June 30, Netflix
You can’t get anymore psychological than this new thriller. Two-time Oscar nominee Naomi Watts stars as Jean Halloway, an upscale, unstable Manhattan shrink who gets really involved with her patients. Like, really, really, really involved, creating an alter ego (named Diane) who forges secret relationships—sexual and otherwise—with the people they mention in their sessions. Hey, at least you know she’s listening!

All or Nothing
Season Premiere
Season 2, Friday, June 30, Amazon
It’s hard to believe that Amazon didn’t know the drama they’d witness by making the Los Angeles (formerly St. Louis) Rams the new subject of their behind-the-scenes sports series. Shot over the 2016 football season, the show captures rookie Jared Goff’s tumultuous year, Case Keenum’s concussion controversy and the firing of coach Jeff Fisher.

Available now, Amazon
Indie auteur Jim Jarmusch turns his low-key lens on urban Paterson, New Jersey, for his latest, which was released in theaters in December. Adam Driver (aka the Star Wars saga’s Kylo Ren) plays a talented poet and avid reader (also named Paterson) who punches the clock as a bus driver to support himself and his live-in girlfriend.