Kal Penn Returns for More ‘Superhuman’ Strength on Fox

Superhuman - Kal Penn

After airing a successful two-hour special in 2016, Fox’s Superhuman—which pits ordinary people who possess extraordinary abilities against each other for a $50,000 payout—returns as a full-fledged series this summer. “We got the chance to expand, and we brought in people with skills that you may not have even known were possible,” says host Kal Penn (left, with a contestant). “We also got to spend more time with them, look into their lives and get some tips on how they train their special abilities.”

Among the individuals mastering Rubik’s Cubes and maze-running is one who stood out in a big way to neurosurgeon and panelist Dr. Rahul Jandial: “One woman was able to glance at different shapes and then—while blindfolded—contort her body into a variety of gymnastic poses with the silhouettes of the shapes moving toward her, all from memory. She stands out as the most remarkable because she had multiple superhuman brain powers.”

Superhuman, Season Premiere, Monday, June 12, 9/8c, Fox