What's Worth Watching: Scrotal Recall isn't as gross as it sounds

Aubry D'Arminio

Scrotal Recall

Scrotal Recall, Episodes 1–6 (available now, Netflix)

No, this isn't a porn version of Total Recall. It's not a sophomoric sex comedy either. The sweet and funny Scrotal Recall is about Dylan (Johnny Flynn), a young man who learns he has Chlamydia and has to tell all his previous sexual partners that they might have it, too. So, he decides to approach them in alphabetical order; that way he can put off facing the shiver-inducing, unseen Tasha until last. Each episode focuses on a different one of Dylan's lovers—flashing back to show how he got in this (usually missionary) position in the first place and subtly reveal how he and best friend Evie (Antonia Thomas) have always been deeply in love with one another, just too silly to say it.