The Red Road’s Jason Momoa on the Path to Redemption

The Red Road - Jason Momoa
Quantrell D. Colbert/ Sundance
The Red Road

After saving the life of his ex-con nemesis Phillip Kopus (Jason Momoa)–a member of the local Lenape tribe–in the shootout that closed out Season 1, cop Harold Jensen (Martin Henderson) has worked his way up to the rank of lieutenant, only to find rampant police corruption waiting for him. Phillip, meanwhile, landed in prison for 12 months, thanks to the drug dealing that precipitated the firefight, and is now trying to fly straight as a construction worker.

But on The Red Road, the path to redemption is often winding, especially Phillip’s. “He is a little unsure of himself,” Momoa says. “He’s coming back to his tribe [in Season 2] a different person.”

Phillip is pulled into Lenape politics–and back into Harold’s orbit–after last week’s murder. “Trouble always seems to find him,” says Momoa. “Some people are just sucker punched in life. They get up and are pushed right back down.”

The Red Road, April 9, 10/9c, SundanceTV