Team Charles or Team Josh? Sutton Foster Talks Season 4 of ‘Younger’

Younger - Sutton Foster, summer preview
TV Land

You gotta admire a show that’s ballsy enough to toss its entire premise out the window. TV Land’s Younger centers on Liza Miller (Sutton Foster), a 40-year-old divorcée and single mom who claims to be 26 in order to score a job in the ageist world of New York publishing. But during last season’s head-spinning cliffhanger, Liza suddenly came clean to her work BFF, Kelsey (Hilary Duff). Foster tells us all about the fallout in Season 4.

What made Liza go and blab everything to Kelsey? And what happens now to your hit show? It was all built on this major lie!
Even I was going, “What the hell is Liza doing?” But, for her, it was all about redemption. Her life is going off the rails. She just can’t keep lying to the people she cares about, even if it means losing Kelsey’s friendship and the job she loves so much. I have no idea how our writers will get around this and keep the show running. But hey, they’re very funny and smart. [Laughs] I can’t believe that they’ve kept Liza’s charade going this long!

Liza did tell the truth to her young lover, Josh (Nico Tortorella), and after the initial shock, he was cool with it. Why doesn’t she trust that Kelsey will react the same way?
Because Kelsey easily cuts people out of her life if she feels she’s been wronged. And, when the show returns, she will indeed feel very betrayed and confused. She just won’t be able to get past Liza’s lie. A big part of the new season is how Kelsey deals with this in the workplace. The truth could be very bad for Empirical Press—especially with Liza helping create their big youth imprint, Millennial—so now it becomes a question of “How do we protect Liza’s lie for the sake of the company?”

Also at the end of last season, Josh was just about to propose marriage but caught Liza kissing her dreamboat boss, Charles (Peter Hermann). Where’s that mess headed?
Don’t ask me that! I am so sworn to secrecy. All I can say is that both of the guys are still in play. No doors are closed. So, whether you are Team Josh or Team Charles, there’s hope!

Younger, Returning Wednesday, June 28, 10/9c, TV Land