American Odyssey Connects the Conspiracy Dots (SPRING PREVIEW)

American Odyssey
Virginia Sherwood/NBC
American Odyssey

In the topical thriller American Odyssey, three strangers stumble upon a plot involving U.S. military and corporate dealings with Islamist terrorist groups. Each uncovers a piece of evidence; if put together, those pieces would expose a global cover-up. That’s if they all live long enough to make the connection. “It’s a conspiracy that asks fundamental questions,” says cocreator Peter Horton. “Who has the power in our democracy? And what price do you pay for standing up for what you believe is right?”

The quest for answers begins in Mali, where Sgt. Odelle Ballard (Anna Friel) discovers a link between Al Qaeda and Societal Mining (SOC), a powerful American energy company. When her unit is killed by an American drone, she’s forced to flee from both jihadists and private contractors who want her silenced.

Back in New York, disillusioned corporate attorney Peter Decker (Peter Facinelli) opens his own investigation into SOC, and political activist Harrison Walters (Jake Robinson) learns that Ballard had asked her commanding officer for help–hours after the army declared her dead. Let the paranoia begin.

American Odyssey, Premieres Sunday, April 5, 10/9c, NBC