My Obsessions: The Odd Couple’s Thomas Lennon

Thomas Lennon
Christopher Polk/GettyImages
Thomas Lennon

Thomas Lennon, who plays uptight neat-freak Felix on CBS’ The Odd Couple, shares his habits, favorites and more.

The device I watch on:

I watch almost everything via Apple TV. I don’t have cable, just a regular old antenna hooked up to the television and an Apple TV.

The funniest person on TV:

This is a multiway tie between the actors on Silicon Valley. Nobody makes me laugh harder than them. That show is so funny that it makes me jealous, so I try to avoid watching it.

The only news show that matters:

The Odd Couple! Oh, wait. I thought you said “new show.” In the news category, the only show I follow is No, You Shut Up! on Fusion.

The show I miss most:

The Sopranos. It would be worth getting amnesia just to see all the episodes again, as if for the first time.

My guilty pleasure:

Hoarders. It is impossible to look away from this show. I have a fear of clutter, so Hoarders is like Shark Week to me.

The show I’d most like to guest star on:

Portlandia. One of my favorite sketch series of all time.

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