Jerry Seinfeld & Julia Louis-Dreyfus to Reunite on Comedians in Cars; Stephen Colbert also Booked

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Jerry Seinfeld & Julia Louis-Dreyfus to reunite on Comedians in Cars —Stephen Colbert also booked
Steve Harvey and Bill Maher will also be part of the next season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, coming this spring, according to Seinfeld — who, by the way, has no intention of ever hosting the Oscars.

Giuliana Rancic apologizes again, this time on E!, for her offensive comment on Zendaya’s dreadlocks
“I want to apologize for a comment that I made on last night’s ‘Fashion Police’ about Zendaya’s hair,” Rancic said. “As you know, Fashion Police is a show that pokes fun at celebrities in good spirit, but I do realize that something I said last night did cross the line.” PLUS: Kelly Osbourne had threatened to quit Fashion Police over the comment.

John Travolta’s creepy face-touching Oscar bit with Idina Menzel was planned, his rep says
“The entire bit was rehearsed,” says the actor’s rep. PLUS: Meet the Oscar graphic designer.

Parks and Rec: TV’s best sci-fi show?
By time-jumping ahead to 2017, Parks and Recreation became the best science fiction show on television, says Darren Franich. For instance, he says, “Gryzzl is a gag, but in season 7, it’s become a freaky and dystopian gag. By 2017, Gryzzl has become Pawnee’s answer to Big Brother: An all-seeing, all-knowing caretaker, able to datamine the perfect gift and fly it straight to your doorstep thanks to helpful drones.” PLUS: Don’t watch the series finale!, how Parks solved its “Jerradox” paradox, Mike Schur’s 10 favorite character names, check out the Season 1 Coolness Chart, a salute to fashion icon Tom Haverford, how Ron Swanson became a libertarian hero in the Obama era, and how Ron evolved.

Maggie Grace will supervise emergency room residents on CBS’ Code Black
The Lost alum joins Marcia Gay Harden and Melanie Kannakoda on the medical drama.

Pete Davidson: Bill Clinton sent a letter congratulating me for joining SNL
“As a fan of Saturday Night Live, I want to congratulate you on joining the cast,” wrote the former president to Davidson, who was born the year Clinton took office. The president sent the letter in thanks for his family’s service to New York City.

Conan joins Grindr with help from Billy Eichner
Can Conan O’Brien become the king of gay hook-up?

Supergirl may get a Superman cameo
The CBS pilot is seeking a “square-jawed” tall man to serve as a body double for “a DC Comic Superhero.”

New Ghostbusters film will use The Walking Dead as inspiration
“I will say, I was very inspired by this show,” director Paul Feig said on Talking Dead, adding: “What I love is how they play with the danger, they play with the scariness, but also the idea that it’s always about gauntlet run.”

Lea Michele took home Cory Monteith’s Glee football jersey
“One last thing,” she captioned in the photo posted to social media.

One Dancing” contestant is related to Derek and Julianne Hough
R5 band member and “Glee” veteran Riker Lynch says he had no idea his cousin Derek was returning.

Melisa George will play a heart transplant surgeon on NBC’s Heart Matters
The medical soap pilot from producer Amy Brenneman follows a heart transplant surgeon off and on the job.

Children’s Hospital’s Erinn Hayes joins NBC’s Problem Child
She’ll play the problem child’s mom in the remake of the 1990 John Ritter film.