What’s Worth Watching: Watch Your Back is Guilty Pleasure Perfection

Watch Your Back
Watch Your Back

Watch Your Back (Saturday, 3/7, 8/7c, Lifetime)

As much as we love how Lifetime has been re-branding itself with Project Runway, Devious Maids, and those V.C. Andrews movies, it will forever remain in the dark part of our hearts as the mothership of guilty-pleasure teleplays. The low budget locales. The cookie-cutter plots. The generic names (My Daughter’s Sister! She Woke Up Tired!)

Still, we eat ’em up and this weekend, we get a tasty new one in this tale of a patentedly “high-powered” career woman with the expected “perfect life” (Dallas‘ AnnaLynne McCord) who is targeted by a stalker using a Snapchat-like app as his main means of harassment. It’s all entirely familiar and still so damn fun, especially when McCord—who honed her looks of terror back when her Naomi was abducted on 90210—pulls a few moves from the “Jennifer Lopez As Fed Up Victim” handbook and goes all Enough on the baddie. We dare you to turn you Back on the cheesy goodness.