What’s Worth Watching: Sinking Ships on Fresh Off the Boat

Fresh Off The Boat Episode 7
Ron Tom/ABC
Fresh Off The Boat Episode 7

Fresh Off the Boat, “Showdown at the Golden Saddle,” Tuesday, March 3, 8/7c, ABC

In comedy, nothing comes easy. And so it is for the Huang clan in the midseason’s breeziest new family sitcom, Fresh Off the Boat, when breadwinner dad Louis (the agreeable Randall Park) goes for broke by investing in a high-profile billboard to promote his struggling Orlando steakhouse. It seems to be paying off until someone starts vandalizing the sign. Repeatedly.

Young Eddie (Hudson Yang) has other things on his mind: notably, and typically, of the romantic variety. He’s smitten by a girl named Nicole (Luna Blaise), but even the course of puppy love doesn’t run smoothly when you’ve got a tiger mom like Jessica (the hilarious Constance Wu). When she hires Nicole to babysit the boys, she might as well have hung a “LOSER!” billboard over Eddie’s head. If you haven’t met the Huangs yet, this might be a good week to start.