What's Worth Watching: Sex Box Won't Let You Look Away

Damian Holbrook

Sex Box

Sex Box (Friday, Feb. 27, 10/9c, WeTV)

Welcome to the peep show! Granted, in this new reality series, featuring troubled couples getting it on in a giant, neon-lit cargo container, you don't get to see a lot of the good stuff. But you probably won't be able to look away. Based on a British series and the scientific concept that folks are more open after knockin' boots, Box has three relationship "sexperts" (one whom is introduced in a workout clip!) tell intimacy-challenged couples how to get their groove back. It's the kind of advice most people can get from their besties via text messages after unhappy hookups. Still, the novelty of two people agreeing to step into a giant crate, do it, and then come out to analyze their efforts (which, did we mention, are timed!) is fascinating. Though probably not helpful in the long run—let's face it, if your last resort is sex counseling on TV, call it quits—it's still fun to watch. And you know you like to watch.