Who’s Going to Die in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Finale?

The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 16
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Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

Nothing is likely to top The Walking Deads Season 7 premiere gore-porn hype mania. But with a season finale approaching this Sunday, like clockwork, it’s time to speculate about which characters will die and how they’ll shuffle off this mortal coil.

There are a few characters who, from a story perspective, are almost guaranteed to be safe, like Rick, Carl and Maggie (Daryl, Michonne and Carol probably aren’t going anywhere either, although they’re not quite as bulletproof), but just about everyone else is fair game.

On the other side, a few characters just seem to be begging to be put out of their post-apocalyptic misery. These are the characters who are most likely to have their series finale before Season 8, along with totally scientific ratings of their chances.


With Abraham gone, Sasha has struggled to find herself without being the other half of a pair. Throughout her run on the series, most of Sasha’s character development has been revealed through who she’s with: first Tyreese, then Bob, then Abraham. Without another character as a foil, Sasha is something of a purposeless floater, and she’s floated right into just about the worst place she can be. Negan seems to have some plan for making Sasha turn against Alexandria, whether she’s willing to or not, and popping Eugene’s suicide pill may not even be enough to counteract that plan. The show could be adapting a certain prisoner return storyline from the comic, but even if it isn’t, Sasha seems to be on her way out, since Sonequa Martin-Green has already been cast in a leading role in CBS All Access’s Star Trek: Discovery.

Death likelihood: 95%


Rosita, as evidenced by her repeat appearances on our worst character of the week lists, has had some growing pains as a character in Season 7. Usually any kind of character growth for a background player on The Walking Dead is an indication that death is lurking just around the corner. Rosita has already survived longer than most who are given that sort of treatment, and Sasha’s sacrifice may be enough to snap her out of her reckless death wish mode, but there’s still a pretty good chance she’ll get picked off soon, since she’s been getting so much screen time. If the show does go with the prisoner return plot from the comic, Rosita, with her newfound buddy status to Sasha, seems like a prime suspect to get caught up in the mayhem.

Death likelihood: 70%


By giving Sasha the poison pill, Eugene has defied Negan. That’s usually a decision that is not good for the health, especially for a character like Eugene, whose character arc seems to have gone about as far as it can go. If Negan finds out about the pill, Eugene is a goner, but if he goes, he may get one last chance at some sort of redemptive act. Perhaps he’ll sabotage the Saviors with some sort of scientific contrivance? Or maybe he’ll just confuse them with some kind of pseudo-obscure nerd culture reference.

Death likelihood: 65%


Spencer could attest to the ineffectiveness of backhanded deals with the Saviors, if he didn’t lack the guts. Gregory is on his way to the address Simon gave him to bring up complaints, seemingly ready to give up Maggie to maintain his own authority in Hilltop. Something about the smarmy way Simon told Gregory about this place makes it seem like it’s not completely on the level. Gregory’s death likelihood percentage would be higher, if the character didn’t have a slightly more significant role to play as per the comics.

Death likelihood: 50%


Morgan is a wildcard on this list. Viewers haven’t caught up with him since he snapped a couple episodes ago and moved into Carol’s old house on the outskirts of the Kingdom to prepare for a murder spree. Without knowing exactly where he is or what he’s doing, it’s hard to say how likely it is that he’ll die, but he’s not in the healthiest state of mind, so he could find himself in a bad situation.

Death likelihood: ???

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