What's Worth Watching: Workaholics Play Hooky

Aubry D'Arminio
Adam Newacheck/Comedy Central


Workaholics, "Ditch Day" (Wednesday, Feb. 18, 10/9c, Comedy Central)

When your drug dealer offers you $2,000 to hand off a mysterious package for him, what reason could you have to decline? A million, the least of which is that the trade is scheduled to happen during the workday. But that's the only thing worrying Blake (Blake Anderson), Adam (Adam Devine), and Anders (Anders Holm) after they agree to wait at home for someone to retrieve a box labeled "Do Not Open" that was left by their pot supplier Karl (Kyle Newachek). So how do they get the day off from TelAmeriCorp? The fellas' solution is to stage an office-wide "ditch day," and invite all their coworkers to their house. The boss can't fire everyone. And why not have a dozen strange telemarketers around for what is presumably a drug deal? If the transaction goes south, one of them could always call the bad guys during dinner. That'll really tick them off.