‘Underground’ Preview: Ernestine and Table-Tapper Talk About the Ghost of Her Past Sins (VIDEO)

Episode 203
WGN America
Amirah Vann as Ernestine in Underground

It’s hard to decide what is destroying Ernestine (Amirah Vann) most as we head into Underground Season 2’s third episode—her visions or her memories. Though they’re inexorably tied, her worst memories have a tragically finite point—her beloved husband French (Jordane Christie) was killed and she herself murdered Pearly Mae (Adina Porter)—but her visions bring those souls back, and with damning words for a woman whose huffing habit is all that keeps her going.

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What's Next for Cato, Ernestine and Elizabeth? 'Underground' Stars Talk Season 2 (VIDEO)

Think the premiere of 'Underground,' WGN America's hit drama, was a nail-biter? There is much more to come this season. Stars Alano Miller, Amirah Vann, and Jessica De Gouw sat down with TV Insider to share the details!

In this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s Underground, Ernestine—who is visited by yet another rending figure from beyond the grave—takes some me-time at Table Tapper’s (Keith Arthur Bolden) spirit tree and envies those spirits for their freedom. Namely, to do little more than mess with her head. That’s the point, Table Tapper points out.

“Spirits will eat away at everything that’s good and whole in this life,” he tells her of why the ghosties must be corralled in the tree’s pretty blue bottles. “They follow you into the next. Ain’t no freedom in that.” Too bad if Ernestine doesn’t believe in spirits (though we know too well that she does). “They seem to believe in you,” he says. “And those poisons you’re taking ain’t going to get rid of them.”

In the episode, Ernestine resorts to a new approach when another set of soul-crushing incidents push her beyond the reach of the vapors she’s been huffing.

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