What’s Next for Cato, Ernestine and Elizabeth? ‘Underground’ Stars Talk Season 2 (VIDEO)

Underground - Alano Miller

Are you still reeling from that second season premiere of WGN America’s Underground last week? We’re still awestruck by all the events that went down and how so many things set the story in motion for what’s to come.

While TV Insider posted video interviews last week with stars Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Aldis Hodge, as well as the show producers and Aisha Hinds, who plays Harriet Tubman in the new season, there’s more to talk about as we head into the second episode.

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First up, Alano Miller tells us how we’re going to find out more about the dastardly Cato, and while we may begin to understand him more, Cato is still Cato, and it will be about getting things to play out his way. In Miller’s words, he’ll be just as “ferocious” as he always has been. We also meet new cast member Jasika Nicole (Georgia), who heads the women’s not-so-innocent sewing circle and will be integral to teaching Elizabeth (Jessica De Gouw) how to find her own place in this world.

De Gouw also talks about Elizabeth not accepting things as they are and helping “to facilitate change.” And while we should all be afraid of Ernestine (Amirah Vann) and what she’s capable of, she’s going to have to find out what power really is in the episodes to come.

Check out the interviews in the clip below:

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