What's Worth Watching: Black-ish

Aubry D'Arminio
Kelsey McNeal/ABC


Black-ish, "Big Night, Big Fight" (Wednesday, Feb. 11, 9:31/8:31c, ABC)

Here's how you know Dre (Anthony Anderson) isn't good at Valentine's Day: He pronounces it "Valentime's Day." He thinks it sounds better. And he's that stubborn. So, no, he's not going to concede right away that he was wrong to start this year's celebration by slamming wife Rainbow's (Tracee Ellis Ross) duds—and they'll argue about it during the entire ride to the restaurant. By the time they arrive, they'll have lots more to quarrel about over dinner. Fighting on Valentine's has become their tradition. Dre is, however, willing to buck trend, and in the end, he'll try to give Bow a happy, haggling-free holiday—which we know could probably be achieved by saying "Hey, honey, you look nice. Thanks, for being so great and have a chocolate." But, hey, diamonds aren't so bad.