Gabriel Macht Talks That Emotional ‘Suits’ Season 6 Finale and Darvey’s Future

Suits - Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter
Spoiler Alert
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Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter

[Spoiler Alert! This interview discusses Suit’s Season 6 finale, so if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t sue us for ruining it for ya. We have Pearson Specter Litt on retainer now.]

The second half of Suits‘ sixth season just wrapped, and while it was only half a dozen episodes, Harvey’s plan to get Mike (Patrick J. Adams) back in the litigation game felt like a long and winding road that might not pay off. But TV’s slickest player ultimately did right by his scruffy buddy—who initially balked at the corporate-law life after serving time for fraud—with a move that was pure Harvey Specter brilliance: He called in the firm’s former grande dame Jessica Pearson (the very missed Gina Torres) to plead Mike’s case before the Bar Association committee…and shut down their fiercest foe, federal prosecutor Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope).

It was such a juicy, dramatic and rewarding hour that we had to ask Macht about Harvey’s most emotional season so far and what me might see next.

I gotta say, that was Peak Harvey, pulling Jessica back to New York to plead Mike’s case. He never calls in the big guns until he’s completely up against a wall. And to see Gina with all of you again, if this were a series finale, it would be a beautiful way to end it.
Yeah. And there’s success and the tables are turned, because you think Harvey’s just going down the rabbit hole and Mike’s never going to get in to the Bar, then at the very end, they pull it through. Yeah, that was satisfying. And then the deal that Harvey makes with Mike—one case for him, one for me—is a good opening and tease for six months from now when [we come back.] We’ll see what happens in Season 7.

As a producer, do you know the general framework for next year?
No, I don’t. [Laughs] I have been taking my hiatus really well and haven’t connected or communicated with pretty much anyone other than going to Patrick’s wedding, which was one of the most incredible weddings. It was so beautiful. I really don’t know where we’re going. I know at the very tail of the season last year, we spoke about the stakes being so high in Seasons 5 and 6 and that it was time to sort of get back to some of the bromance, more of the wit and the playful elements of the show. But you never know how long that lasts.

After Harvey made peace with his family—which was beautiful—he came back and seemed lighter.
A little bit more level-headed.

Yeah! You and Patrick had some scenes that felt like early season stuff, with you guys just sitting, drinking and joking. Or when you’d show up at each other’s doors…the humor was there again.
And I think we’re going to see a lot more of that. Aaron [Korsh, executive producer] and I had a conversation just before around episode six-eleven and he was like, ‘Gabriel, Harvey’s so angry.’ I was like, ‘Yeah. Well that’s what you’ve been writing!’ He was so angry and frustrated, dealing with the loss of Jessica just leaving, a lot of emotional guilt that he’s going through, all this stuff. I think that’s where they decided to actually explore that stuff with his mother so that he could come back and feel a little bit more grounded. And he has. Now, the guilt is still there over Mike having gone to prison and maybe never becoming a real lawyer…until he does what he does in this last episode, sacrificing himself, and making the deal with Gibbs. Luckily, Mike interrupted that conversation. [Laughs]

So now that is all settled, they can maybe take on a client whose case provides the drama instead.
I think you’re right. In the next season, I imagine there will be a corporate case that Harvey wants to deal with and some social case that Mike needs to deal with, they’ll somehow interconnect and that will create drama between the two of them. But it’ll be separate from their personal lives, so that they’ll be able to continue to be playful and bromantic. Because they do love each other, right?

It’s our favorite couple! But speaking of love…let’s talk Donna. Harvey has dealt with his anxiety, he’s dealt with his family stuff, he’s the top guy at the firm now. The last brick in the wall is where his love life headed.
That’s the Darvey of it all, right? I don’t know. I think Aaron and Sarah Rafferty and I have done a pretty good job of stringing this storyline along in a very sensitive way, where it teases the audience with what they think they want. Who knows? I think both characters are sort of really unconscious [to things]. You can see her saying, ‘I need more’ and he’s like ‘What do you mean, more?’ What’s been great about it is it’s left the audience to really fill in a lot of the blanks. We’ll see what happens in Season Seven…because they’ve got to, right? [Laughs]