What’s Worth Watching: A One-Night Stand Goes Horribly Awry on Man Seeking Woman

Men Seeking Woman
Michael Gibson/FXX
Men Seeking Woman

Man Seeking Woman, (Weds., January 28, 10:30/9:30c, FXX)

Fair warning, male viewers: This episode might be mildly upsetting. Actually, that warning probably applies to the entire audience. Mike (Eric Andre), after several false starts, drags lovelorn pal Josh (Jay Baruchel) out to a club, where Josh finally gets drunk enough to concede to a one-night stand. To discuss the details of how this situation goes horribly (horribly) awry would be to ruin the experience entirely, but it does involve a pit bull and an unflushed toilet.

The show falters sometimes when focusing on the real world, but when it lets itself go on flights of bizarre fantasy—a la last week’s “texting war room” sequence—that’s when it becomes a show worth seeking.