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TV Dads Crossword
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When we were putting together a list of favorite TV dads, there was a lot of discussion about why we chose certain dads. Was it because a TV dad reminded us of our own dad? Was it a TV dad we wish were our own dad? Was it a dad who was funny or stern, no-nonsense or maybe too indulgent? I can’t say we ever settled on the exact reason, because there were so many, which you can see from the wonderfully broad lineup of TV dads here who inspired this latest issue of brainteasers.

There are early classics like Jim (Robert Young) from Father Knows Best, Ward (Hugh Beaumont) from Leave It to Beaver and Steve (Fred MacMurray) from My Three Sons. And from more current television, there’s Phil (Ty Burrell) on Modern Family, Dan (John Goodman) on Roseanne and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) on This Is Us. And everyone in between: like Ben (Lorne Greene) from Bonanza, Mike (Robert Reed) from The Brady Bunch, Danny (Bob Saget) from Full House and Tony (Tony Danza) from Who’s the Boss? And, no matter what era of TV we’re talking about, there is always the timeless and beloved Charles (Michael Landon) from Little House on the Prairie. Play the TV Dads crossword below.


Vol. 2, Isse 10

This crossword puzzle originally appeared in the TV Dads issue of Puzzler magazine.

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