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A widower and former pro baseball player, Tony Micelli takes a job as a housekeeper for a high-powered divorced ad executive, Angela Bower, and her son.

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1984–1992 Series 8 Seasons196 Episodes

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Wednesday, April 24

Another Single Parent

Season 4 • Episode 13

Angela and Tony are suspicious of a new friend who refuses to discuss her past.

Wednesday, April 24

All in the Famiglia

Season 4 • Episode 14

When Tony's relatives come for a visit, his cousin Maurizio falls for Angela.

Wednesday, April 24

Steady as She Goes

Season 4 • Episode 15

Tony feels neglected when Samantha announces that she and her new boyfriend are going steady.

Wednesday, April 24

Tony and the Dreamtones

Season 4 • Episode 16

Tony joins his old singing group, the Dreamtones, for a high-school benefit concert.

Wednesday, April 24

The Matriculator

Season 4 • Episode 17

To inspire Samantha, Tony applies to a college.

Wednesday, April 24

Three Teens and a Tony

Season 4 • Episode 18

Samantha is attracted to a college student, causing problems with her current boyfriend.

Wednesday, April 24

Housekeepers Unite

Season 4 • Episode 19

Local housekeepers strike for higher wages.

Wednesday, April 24

Model Daughter

Season 4 • Episode 20

Tony becomes an overprotective parent when Samantha lands her first modeling job.

Wednesday, April 24

Marry Me, Mona

Season 4 • Episode 21

Competition may inspire reluctant Mona to wed.

Wednesday, April 24

Prom Night II

Season 4 • Episode 22

Overeager Angela helps Samantha prepare for her prom date with Jesse.

Wednesday, April 24

Sleep Talk, Sweet Talk

Season 4 • Episode 23

Sleep-talking Angela reveals some embarrassing inner thoughts about Tony.

Wednesday, April 24

The Two Tonys

Season 4 • Episode 24

Tony is challenged to a pool duel by his ex-girlfriend's jealous husband.

Wednesday, April 24


Season 5 • Episode 1

Samantha's reward for passing her driver's test is an old car.

Wednesday, April 24

My Fair Tony

Season 5 • Episode 2

Tony drops his Brooklyn accent to please his demanding speech professor.

Wednesday, April 24

Nineteen Again

Season 5 • Episode 3

Angela lets her hair down when she attends a college fraternity party with Tony.

Wednesday, April 24

Yankee Doodle Micelli

Season 5 • Episode 4

Tony reminisces about his grandfather (Tony Danza in a dual role).

Thursday, April 25

A Jack Story

Season 5 • Episode 5

Jealous Tony suspects Angela is smitten with a new co-worker.

Thursday, April 25

Double Dump

Season 5 • Episode 6

Samantha and Mona spend a night on the town after being dumped by their boyfriends.

Thursday, April 25

Life With Father

Season 5 • Episode 7

Samantha triggers memories when she goes to Vermont against Tony's wishes.

Thursday, April 25

A Spirited Christmas

Season 5 • Episode 8

Tony attempts to reunite Mona and her brother.

Thursday, April 25

Teacher's Pet

Season 5 • Episode 9

Tony is accused of being a teacher's pet; with Judith Light and Katherine Helmond.

Thursday, April 25

Mrs. Rossini's Uncle

Season 5 • Episode 10

Tony decides to help a tough teenager from his old neighborhood.

Thursday, April 25

Your Grandmother's a Bimbo

Season 5 • Episode 11

Mona's appearance on a racy magazine cover affects Jonathan's school treasurer campaign.

Thursday, April 25

Ton-An Enterprises

Season 5 • Episode 12

Business partners Tony and Angela compete.

Thursday, April 25

Cardinal Sin

Season 5 • Episode 13

Angela poses as Tony's wife at his team reunion.

Thursday, April 25

Winter Break

Season 5 • Episode 14

Tony meets someone during a ski weekend with Sam.

Thursday, April 25

First Date

Season 5 • Episode 15

Tony and Angela (Tony Danza, Judith Light) have their first real date.

Thursday, April 25

Party Double

Season 5 • Episode 16

Tony and Mona scheme to attend a gala. Guest star: Frank Sinatra.

Thursday, April 25

Boozin' Buddies

Season 5 • Episode 17

Tony gets a lesson in peer pressure after Samantha comes home drunk.

Thursday, April 25

Heather Can Wait

Season 5 • Episode 18

The neighbors' antics disenchant Tony and Angela.

Thursday, April 25

Living Dolls

Season 5 • Episode 19

Sam does a story on a teen modeling agency.

Thursday, April 25

Men Are People, Too

Season 5 • Episode 20

Tony (Tony Danza) is upset when his former coach falls for Mona (Katherine Helmond).

Wednesday, May 1

Working Girls

Season 5 • Episode 21

Samantha (Alyssa Milano) takes a work-study job in Angela's office. With Judith Light.

Wednesday, May 1

Tony Does Golf

Season 5 • Episode 22

Mona pressures Tony to arrange a business meeting for Angela with his new golf partner.

Wednesday, May 1

Ode to Angela

Season 5 • Episode 23

Angela reveals she is still married to a stranger from her past.

Wednesday, May 1

In Sam We Trust

Season 5 • Episode 24

Tony fears he can't trust Samantha after she gives a friend some exam answers.

Wednesday, May 1

It's Somebody's Birthday

Season 5 • Episode 25

Tony (Tony Danza) rejects Angela's (Judith Light) birthday gift -- a new van.

Wednesday, May 1

In Search of Tony

Season 6 • Episode 1

A tropical vacation with Angela prompts Tony to consider their future together.

Wednesday, May 1

Life's a Ditch

Season 6 • Episode 2

Tony is livid when Samantha gets into trouble with a girlfriend from their old neighborhood.

Wednesday, May 1

In Your Dreams

Season 6 • Episode 3

Angela finds herself out of place in Tony's old Brooklyn neighborhood.

Wednesday, May 1

Sam's Novel Romance

Season 6 • Episode 4

Sam falls for a married graduate student.

Wednesday, May 1

Mother and Child Disunion

Season 6 • Episode 6

Angela and Mona argue about a possible corporate takeover at the ad agency.

Wednesday, May 1

Sam Can Manage

Season 6 • Episode 7

Samantha (Alyssa Milano) becomes the manager of a new rock group. With Tony Danza and Judith Light.

Wednesday, May 1

Supermom Burnout

Season 6 • Episode 8

During family counseling, Tony realizes he is suffering from supermom burnout.

Wednesday, May 1

Sex, Lies and Exercise Tape

Season 6 • Episode 9

Angela and Tony become the topic of gossip at the exercise gym.

Wednesday, May 1

To Tony, With Love

Season 6 • Episode 10

Tony considers a new career in education after working as a teaching assistant.

Wednesday, May 1

The World Accordion to Jonathan

Season 6 • Episode 11

Tony asks his best friend to teach Jonathan to play the accordion.

Thursday, May 2

Gambling Jag

Season 6 • Episode 12

Mona loses Angela's diamond necklace and Jaguar to a con man in Atlantic City.

Thursday, May 2

Sam Accelerates

Season 6 • Episode 13

Sam has trouble accepting the fact that she may be ready for college a year ahead of schedule.

Thursday, May 2

Tony Kills

Season 6 • Episode 14

Tony feels responsible when his tennis opponent dies during a tough game.

Thursday, May 2

Dear Landlord

Season 6 • Episode 15

After Angela buys the house next door, Tony leases it to a beautiful young woman.

Thursday, May 2

Mona and Walter and Sam and Eric

Season 6 • Episode 16

Mona's (Katherine Helmond) past affects Sam's (Alyssa Milano) relationship with her boyfriend.

Thursday, May 2

Micelli's Marauders

Season 6 • Episode 17

Angela is hurt when Tony ignores her while coaching her volleyball team.

Thursday, May 2

Her Father's Daughter

Season 6 • Episode 18

Tony decides to chaperon Samantha's class on a winter break vacation.

Thursday, May 2

Take Me Back to the Ballgame

Season 6 • Episode 19

Tony discovers his baseball hero is involved in unscrupulous business dealings.

Thursday, May 2

I Dream of Genealogy

Season 6 • Episode 20

Tony invites his grandfather from Italy to visit him and Samantha.

Thursday, May 2

Couple Trouble

Season 6 • Episode 21

Tony and Angela befriend a swinging couple.

Thursday, May 2

Operation Mona

Season 6 • Episode 22

Mona dreams about Angela's father while under anesthesia for an operation.

Thursday, May 2

Road Scholar

Season 6 • Episode 23

Samantha is turned down by the college she wishes to attend.

Thursday, May 2

Beautician, Heal Thyself

Season 6 • Episode 24

Tony helps a friend with customer relations in his Brooklyn beauty shop.

Thursday, May 2

Sit Down and Be Counted

Season 6 • Episode 25

While answering questions for the census, Angela and Tony reminisce about their relationship.

Thursday, May 2

The All-Nighter

Season 6 • Episode 26

Tony's affair with a classmate threatens his relationship with Angela.

Thursday, May 2

Ridiculous Liaisons

Season 7 • Episode 1

Tony is upset when Angela appears to have found the perfect man.

Tuesday, May 7

Hey, Dude!

Season 7 • Episode 2

Samantha announces that she plans to drop out of college and get married.

Tuesday, May 7

The Fabulous Robinson Sisters

Season 7 • Episode 3

When Angela's dating schedule slows down, Tony persuades Mona to entertain her.

Tuesday, May 7

Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?

Season 7 • Episode 4

Tony meets Kathleen's father while Angela baby-sits a little boy.

Tuesday, May 7

One Flew Over the Empty Nest

Season 7 • Episode 5

Tony is lonely when Samantha leaves for college and Angela is busy with her boyfriend.

Tuesday, May 7

The Kid

Season 7 • Episode 6

Tony and Angela face a difficult decision when Billy's elderly grandmother asks them to adopt Billy.

Tuesday, May 7

Parental Guidance Suggested

Season 7 • Episode 7

Plans backfire when Tony and Angela set activities for Billy.

Tuesday, May 7


Season 7 • Episode 8

When Sam moves off campus, she realizes that being an adult is not always easy.

Tuesday, May 7

Four Alarm Tony

Season 7 • Episode 9

Tony goes too far in his enthusiasm for his new post as a volunteer fireman.

Tuesday, May 7

Starlight Memories

Season 7 • Episode 10

Tony and Angela fantasize about a 1940s-style romance with each other.

Tuesday, May 7

Inherit the Wine

Season 7 • Episode 11

Tony travels to Italy to claim an inheritance from his late Uncle Aldo.

Tuesday, May 7

Who's Minding the Kid?

Season 7 • Episode 12

Billy is missing when a social worker visits and Tony and Angela appear negligent.

Tuesday, May 7

Broadcast Blues

Season 7 • Episode 13

Tony and Samantha compete for the same broadcaster position at the college.

Wednesday, May 8

Days of Blunder

Season 7 • Episode 14

Jonathan uses Tony's prized Jeep to impress a girl and returns it with a large scratch.

Wednesday, May 8

You Can Go Home Again

Season 7 • Episode 15

Tony has the cure for Samantha when she comes home from college with the freshman blues.

Wednesday, May 8

Ms. Mom

Season 7 • Episode 16

Tony and Angela trade roles when Tony goes back to school and Angela agrees to stay home.

Wednesday, May 8

The Unsinkable Tony Micelli

Season 7 • Episode 17

Tony is forced to reveal his hidden secret when Billy suggests they go swimming.

Wednesday, May 8

Tony and Angela Get Divorced

Season 7 • Episode 18

Tony and Angela begin to act the part when they learn the IRS considers them married.

Wednesday, May 8

Let Her Tell You 'Bout the Birds and the Bees

Season 7 • Episode 19

Tony teaches a seventh-grade sex education class and learns about the subject himself.

Wednesday, May 8

Party Politics

Season 7 • Episode 20

Tony and Angela get caught in a case of one-upmanship when they plan a birthday party for Billy.

Wednesday, May 8

Choose Me

Season 7 • Episode 21

Mrs. Rossini and Mona compete for the same man, involving Tony and Angela in the fight.

Wednesday, May 8

Tony and the Princess

Season 7 • Episode 22

Tony regrets his promise to help a friend's daughter when she falls for him.

Wednesday, May 8

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Season 7 • Episode 23

Tony steps in when concert promoter Samantha seeks a headline act.

Wednesday, May 8

The Road to Washington

Season 7 • Episode 24

Tony travels to the U.S. Senate in his campaign to protect Chappy from Medicare cutbacks.

Wednesday, May 8

The Road to Washington

Season 7 • Episode 25

A senator's aide and the charms of power distract Tony from his efforts to help Chappy.

Wednesday, May 8

Seer of Love

Season 8 • Episode 1

Tony and Angela finally express their true feelings to each other.

Wednesday, May 8

An Affair to Forget

Season 8 • Episode 2

Tony and Angela hesitate to share news of their new romance with the family.

Wednesday, May 8


Season 8 • Episode 3

Tony plays nurse when Angela becomes bedridden with a twisted ankle.

Wednesday, May 8

Selling Sam Short

Season 8 • Episode 4

Tony goes overboard to show he approves of Sam dating a Wall Street type.

Thursday, May 9

Tony Bags a Big One

Season 8 • Episode 5

Tony intervenes when Mona dumps Angela's biggest client (Robert Mandan).

Thursday, May 9

A Well-Kept Housekeeper

Season 8 • Episode 6

Tony overextends himself when he buys an expensive piece of art to impress Angela's wealthy friends.

Thursday, May 9

Death and Love

Season 8 • Episode 7

Tony almost kills Angela while trying to propose to her on a Vermont ski trip.

Thursday, May 9

Death and Love

Season 8 • Episode 8

Tony plots to propose to Angela at a football game.

Thursday, May 9

Grandmommie Dearest

Season 8 • Episode 9

Mona's mother tries to sabotage Angela's marriage plans.

Thursday, May 9

Field of Screams

Season 8 • Episode 10

A bad experience with Jonathan stops Tony from getting Sam a job.

Thursday, May 9

This Sold House

Season 8 • Episode 11

Tony persuades Angela to sell the house.

Thursday, May 9

Tony, Can You Spare a Dime?

Season 8 • Episode 12

Tony takes away Angela's credit cards and imposes tough restrictions on the family budget.

Thursday, May 9

Mrs. Al

Season 8 • Episode 13

Sam poses as a friend's (William Gallo) wife so he can get an apartment.

Thursday, May 9

Widower Tony Micelli is the housekeeper for a female ad executive.

Thursday, May 9

Tony Micelli, This Is Your Life

Season 8 • Episode 15

Tony dreams of would-be stardom after meeting his baseball successor.

Thursday, May 9

Allergic to Love

Season 8 • Episode 16

Angela thinks Tony's swollen lips are due to premarital stress.

Thursday, May 9

Better Off Wed

Season 8 • Episode 17

Tony isn't prepared to meet the parents of Sam's beau.

Thursday, May 9

Better Off Wed

Season 8 • Episode 18

Tony, Angela and the Thomopolouses rush to Vermont to stop the wedding when Sam elopes with Hank.

Thursday, May 9

Tony and the Honeymooners

Season 8 • Episode 19

Tony struggles to keep his promise not to meddle when Sam and Hank move in for a short time.

Thursday, May 9

Split Decision

Season 8 • Episode 20

Angela meets Tony's double at a resort.

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