Myles Mellor

Carlsbad resident Myles Mellor is one of the top crossword and puzzle writers in the world. His books have delighted millions of fans. He writes puzzles with varying difficulty levels from very easy to very hard, as well as crosswords for magazines and Fortune 500 companies, focused on themes. He can be contacted through his websites at I Love Crosswords and Theme Crosswords.

Articles byMyles Mellor

Villains TV crossword - Sherlock, The Sopranos, The Handmaid's Tale

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TV Dads Crossword

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War Movies TV Crossword

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The Golden Girls Crossword Header

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90s TV Dramas Crossword Header

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Kids Shows Crossword Header

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TV Moms Crossword

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Oprah Crossword Header

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90s TV Comedies Crossword Header

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TV Doctors Crossword Header Hugh Laurie House

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Play the TV Food Shows Crossword (Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart)

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Favorite TV Families Crossword

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Classic Family Movies Crossword

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Mark Harmon Crossword

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Oscars crossword puzzle

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Batman Villains Crossword

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Elvis Crossword

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NCIS Crossword

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SNL Crossword Puzzle

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Holiday TV Favorites Crossword

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Scary TV Halloween Crossword

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Classic Soap Opera Stars Crossword Puzzle

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TV Crossword - The X-Files

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Music TV Crossword Puzzle

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TV Spinoffs Crossword Puzzle

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Elvis TV Crossword

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TV Westerns Crossword

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Reality TV Crossword

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PBS Masterpiece - TV Crossword

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Retro Sci-Fi TV Crossword

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Crossword - TV Talk Show Hosts

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MASH TV Crossword Puzzle

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Crossword - PBS Masterpiece

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TV Duos Crossword

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Soap Opera Crossword

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TV Crossword - NCIS

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