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A widowed aeronautical engineer raises his three sons with the help of his father-in-law and the family’s quirky housekeeper.

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1960–1972 Series 12 Seasons380 Episodes

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Wednesday, February 21

The Great Pregnancy

Season 9 • Episode 1

The Douglases dote on Katie when they learn she's pregnant, but ignore Robbie.

Thursday, February 22

Dr. Osborne, M.D.

Season 9 • Episode 2

The family argues over choosing an obstetrician.

Friday, February 23

Life Begins in Katie

Season 9 • Episode 3

The baby stirs inside Katie, and Robbie suddenly sheds his youthful ways.

Saturday, February 24

Robbie, the College Man

Season 6 • Episode 20

Robbie takes on a heavy workload so that he can rent a room away from home.

Monday, February 26

The Grandfathers

Season 9 • Episode 4

Future-grandfather status helps Steve close a deal.

Tuesday, February 27

The Baby Nurse

Season 9 • Episode 5

Uncle Charley prepares himself as a baby nurse by hiring himself out as a baby sitter.

Wednesday, February 28

Big Ol' Katie

Season 9 • Episode 6

Expectant Katie is distressed by her hugeness until she learns she is to have more than one baby.

Thursday, February 29

My Three Grandsons

Season 9 • Episode 7

Steve is a grandfather three times over.

Friday, March 1

Tea for Three

Season 9 • Episode 8

Robbie is surprised by the interest in his triplets.

Saturday, March 2

Whatever Happened to Baby Chip?

Season 6 • Episode 21

When Chip adopts a shoulder-length hairstyle, Steve decides he needs more attention.

Monday, March 4

Back to Earth

Season 9 • Episode 9

Robbie considers quitting college to work full time.

Tuesday, March 5

First Night Out

Season 9 • Episode 10

The triplets are left with a baby-sitter and Ernie.

Wednesday, March 6

Casanova O'Casey

Season 9 • Episode 11

Rebounding Charley seeks new female companions.

Thursday, March 7

Expendable Katie

Season 9 • Episode 12

Katie's absence brings on a household crisis.

Friday, March 8

The New Room

Season 9 • Episode 13

The new room contractor is putty in Katie's hands, but he is exasperating to the other Douglases.

Saturday, March 9

Robbie and the Little Stranger

Season 6 • Episode 22

Baby-sitter Robbie must bring his charge home.