‘The Boys’: Meet Sister Sage & Firecracker, the Seven’s New Members in Season 4

The Boys are back and adding some new ladies to the Seven as the Supe team grows at Vought in Season 4 (premiering June 13). Joining the group are Sister Sage (Susan Heyward) and Firecracker (Valorie Curry), who bring their own flair to the crooked group.

With Homelander (Antony Starr) desperate to maintain the public’s good opinion and keep grip on control, he seeks out Sage, a Supe whose power is being the world’s smartest person. And smarts are definitely something the domineering Homelander needs if he wants to steer power into the hands of Supes.

Susan Heyward as Sister Sage and Valorie Curry as Firecracker in 'The Boys' Season 4

(Credit: Prime Video)

But is there more under the surface when it comes to Sage? “Well, there’s always more to uncover as time goes on,” Heyward teases, adding there are “always layers to peel back.” When it came to forming her character, who is a creation for the TV series, she says, “I had tons of conversations with [showrunner Eric] Kripke about what layers were genuine, what layers were strategic, and always trying to keep track of what might be at her core, what might be motivating her.”

Meanwhile, Firecracker is a little easier to read as a loud-talking right-wing Supe who aims to rile up the masses. When it came to forming her character for the screen, Curry says, “There’s no lack of sources from which to draw inspiration for Firecracker, and they continue to reveal themselves as time goes on, but so much, I think, was already there.”

Curry says she’d reach out to Kripke on occasion to let him know, “This seems like a little much to say, and he’d be like, ‘Well, that’s a quote,‘” acknowledging the parallels between her character and our current political landscape. Even with plenty of real-life references to look toward, Curry notes, “I didn’t lean into drawing inspiration from certain people as her personification or the way she spoke because it would be so easy to lose her in parody because she is so right on the pulse of what’s happening right now.”

Don’t miss these ladies in action when The Boys Season 4 arrives on Prime Video, and stay tuned for more coverage of the series in the weeks ahead.

The Boys, Season 4 Premiere, Thursday, June 13, Prime Video