‘Grown-ish’ Series Finale Ending: Did Zoey & Aaron End Up Together?

Trevor Jackson and Yara Shahidi in the 'grown-ish' series finale
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the grown-ish series finale “Grown.”]

Grown-ish bid farewell after six seasons in an emotional series finale on May 22. In the penultimate episode, Zoey (Yara Shahidi) bolted after Aaron’s (Trevor Jackson) romantic proposal, and she consulted Ana (Francia Raisa), Nomi (Emily Arlook), Vivek (Jordan Buhat), and more about how to handle this delicate situation. So, did Zoey and Aaron get their happy ending?

Luka (Luka Sabbat) tried one last time to win Zoey’s heart, but barely tried at all. He FaceTimed Zoey and told her that he’d always loved her. Zoey put him firmly in the friend zone and said they’d forever be “long distance pals.” A big L for Team Luka.

Zoey and Aaron were forced to confront their future at Junior’s graduation boat party. She explained that she’s spent the last year trying to be “less selfish” and a “more balanced person.” Zoey admitted that she “freaked out” when he proposed and apologized to him.

Trevor Jackson and Yara Shahidi in the 'grown-ish' series finale


“All I know is, the only version of me that’s any good at all is the one that’s trying to figure life out with you. Aaron, I don’t want a life without you,” she said. He replied, “I don’t have one without you.”

She asked Aaron if his proposal offer was still on the table. He got down on one knee and proposed again with Junior’s class ring. Zoey knelt down and said, “Only if you marry me, Aaron Jackson.”

Zoey and Aaron didn’t wait a second to get married. They wed right there on the boat in front of their closest friends, firmly cementing Zoey and Aaron as endgame. Zoey, Aaron, Junior, and the rest of the grown-ish crew celebrated love, friendship, and more as the sun set on this chapter of their lives.

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