‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ Season 2 Couples Give Relationship Updates After Reunion

Farmer Brandon, Dater Grace, Dater Sydney, Farmer Mitchell, host Jennifer Nettles, Farmer Ty, Dater Taylor, and Farmer Nathan in the reunion episode of 'Farmer Wants a Wife'
Spoiler Alert
Mark Hill / FOX.

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2 reunion.]

The farmers and their ladies returned to look back on Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2. Farmers Ty Ferrell, Mitchell Kolinsky, Brandon Rogers, and Nathan Smothers sat down with host Jennifer Nettles to discuss all the highs and lows of the season. The women the farmers chose in the finale (except for Ty, who chose no one) also joined the reunion to help their farmers reveal the latest about their relationships.

While Brandon and Grace Girard’s romance didn’t last after the final decision, two of the Season 2 couples are still together. Mitchell and Sydney Errera, as well as Nathan and Taylor BeDell, spoke with TV Insider about going public with their relationship, the next steps they’re taking for their futures, and more.

When reflecting on the season, Mitchell and Nathan admitted that they knew right away that Sydney and Taylor were standouts among the women. “From the first time that I had her picture, I knew it was going to be her,” Mitchell said about Sydney. “That stayed constant through the whole process, and nothing has changed.”

After their first meeting, Sydney felt in her heart that she had found something special with Mitchell. “The whole entire season I wasn’t stressed out,” she told TV Insider. “It didn’t really bother me that he was with the other ladies because he would always make it clear to me and reassure me that it was me pretty much the whole time.”

Nathan gushed that Taylor was the “one that caught my eye off the rip.” The turning point for Nathan with Taylor was after their first solo date. “I wanted to give each of the girls a chance and be able to meet them and get to know them better. But honestly, from pretty much halfway through, I would say I was fairly certain I was going to pick Taylor,” he said.

Since filming ended, the couples have had to keep their burgeoning relationships on the down-low. “It’s been tough,” Mitchell revealed. “We haven’t been able to go out to dinners and date like a normal couple. If we do go through the drive-thru, I’m telling her to lean her seat back. We’ve been taking that job seriously.”

During their secret meet-ups, Mitchell and Sydney have mostly been spending time at his farm outside Nashville. “When she’s here, we’ll go and just ride around the farm in the truck and hang out and watch sunsets or go down to Percy Priest and hang out at the lake,” he said.

As for Nathan and Taylor, they have been dedicated to seeing each other at least once a month while living in separate states. When they’re together, Taylor noted that they’ve had “a lot of apartment dates and house dates for sure. I’m definitely excited to get out and go on a normal people date at a restaurant. But we’ve been taking advantage of the time together.”

Now that they can be public about their feelings for each other, the couples are excited for what’s next. Mitchell said that he and Sydney want to “get away for a little bit, maybe take a little vacation somewhere on the outskirts, and get away and just enjoy each other’s company because we haven’t really been able to do that without cameras in our face.”

Mitchell and Sydney have discussed moving in together, but he noted they’re “not taking any steps too fast. We want to take our time with our relationship and make sure that this is both what we want and nothing forced.”

During the reunion, Nathan and Taylor revealed that they’d already been talking about Taylor moving from Texas to Florida to be with Nathan. For them, it’s just a matter of working out the logistics.

“My lease is up in September, and then there’s a little extension period until November,” Taylor explained. “But somewhere between September or November is when we’re thinking that I might be able to move down to Florida. If I could, I would move there literally tomorrow, but it’s kind of just a process of transferring over my license to Florida and then my lease and everything. But I’m definitely super excited and looking forward to that. That’s kind of like the next step.”