First ‘Britney Ever After’ Teaser Highlights Spears’ Downward Spiral

Britney Ever After - Natasha Bassett
Natasha Bassett is Britney, b**ch

It’s Britney(‘s story), bitch.

On Saturday, February 18, Lifetime debuts Britney Ever After, a new television biopic about Britney Spears’ roller coaster career.

In the first teaser, Spears (Natasha Bassett) is seen during her infamous breakdown, when she shaved her head and attacked the car of a paparazzo. “Everything’s kind of this blur until you hit rock bottom,” Bassett says via voiceover.

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The promo flashes back to Spears’ wedding to Kevin Federline (Clayton Chitty) and, of course, the pop princess performing on stage.

The movie will also touch on Spears’ relationship with Justin Timberlake (Nathan Keyes)—and includes Timberlake’s NSYNC bandmates JC Chasez (Zac Vran), Joey Fatone (Matt Viser), Chris Kirkpatrick (Frankie Cena) and Lance Bass (Connor Paton).

Watch the teaser below:

Britney Ever After, Saturday, February 18, 8/7c, Lifetime