As Chasing Life Returns, Medical Drama Looms

Chasing Life
Tony Rivetti/ABC Family
Chasing Life

2015 Winter Preview: Chasing Life, Returns Jan. 19, 9/8c, ABC Family

It may be January, but it’s all about April (Italia Ricci) and the latest in her battle with cancer when Chasing Life resumes its freshman season. “After months of treatment, April is in remission,” executive producer Patrick Sean Smith reveals, adding that, even though that should be good news for the young Boston journalist, “the question of if or when her cancer will return looms large.” Also hanging over April’s head as she returns to work is her breakup with hunky colleague Dominic (Richard Brancatisano), as well as the fate of fellow cancer patient–and blossoming love interest–Leo (Scott Michael Foster).

When we last saw the politician’s son, he was flatlining during surgery to remove a fatal brain tumor, and Smith says that what happens next changes April forever: “She is questioning if she can ever really go back to her life pre-diagnosis.”